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Best Time to Go on Safari

Migration of wildebeest at river, Kenya

Use my guide to discover the best safari destination for every month in the year. Flexible with your time? Find out when and where to witness the great migration, track gorillas, spot rare birds, or opt to go when the prices are low. 

More About Planning a Safari
Africa Travel Spotlight10

How to Ride an Ostrich in South Africa

Riding an ostrich is highly entertaining and something you have to try when you visit South Africa. We took the family along and the kids loved it. Find out where to go, and how to ride!

Star Gazing on Safari in Africa

Sleep out under the stars while on safari in Africa. Find out what lodges and camps offer "star beds" and where to go for best night skies. Tips and information on safari options that only an "insider" can tell you about.

Adding a Beach to Your Safari

Want to add some beach time to a safari in Africa? Find out what factors to consider when you want to combine some fun in the sun and sand with wildlife viewing. Adding on a beach at the end of a safari is a good idea, but factor in the extra days, time of year and how far you have to travel.

Port Louis - Capital of Mauritius

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and the first port of call for most visitors. Find out what there is to see and do in this lively little capital before you head to the beaches.

Speedy Facts About the Cheetah

A study shows that a sprinting cheetah uses the same mechanics as a rear-wheel-drive car, all its power comes from the back. The cheetah's hind limbs have

The Pangolin - One of Africa's Weirder Creatures

The Pangolin is one of Africa's rare and elusive creatures, and one you would be very lucky to see on safari in Africa. Find out interesting Pangolin facts, why they are endangered and where you may see one while visiting Africa.

Dakar Guide, Senegal's Capital City

Dakar, Senegal's capital city travel guide. Dakar is a bustling, lively and colorful city that has a thriving arts and cultural scene. Find out what to do, where to stay and what to see in this West African city.

Contemporary Art in Africa

I've decided to save up all my souvenir money, and just buy a single piece of contemporary art in every African country I travel to. I've been so inspired by my


When I was young and foolish I vowed that one day I would bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge. That day came a couple of years ago, and I swear my

Mopane Worms = Nutritious! Delicious? Not So Much...

The UN has recently urged more people to eat insects to combat hunger as they are so high in fat and nutritional value. I grew up eating flying ants in Malawi,

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