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Anouk Zijlma

What Happened To The Somali Pirates?

By July 13, 2009

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somali pirates A few months ago, every major world newspaper was covering the story about pirates off of Somali's lawless coastline. And then it seems as if they just disappeared. Where did they go? Well, nowhere is the answer, they're still quite active despite the heavy monsoon winds this time of year.

Just last week pirates captured a Turkish crew, 23 men in all, and are holding them for ransom. The world's press has moved on, but the vigilantes remain and the reason why these fishermen turned into pirates in the first place is still very much an issue. One of these being the illegal dumping of toxic waste, by many first world countries, off the Somali coast for the past two decades.

I'm curious if the head of Somalia's navy will be able to help. His first step should probably be to procure a boat, the Somali navy doesn't have one. And some of the officers apparently joined the pirates. The money is very good.

The pirates are also widening their area of operations to include the entire Somali Coast. Some cruise ship companies are changing their routes entirely to avoid pirate attacks. In April (2009) cruise passengers had to fight off pirates by throwing deckchairs at them, not a very relaxing way to spend a vacation.

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Somali Pirates in Action -- © Getty Images/US Navy

July 24, 2009 at 2:20 am
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