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Anouk Zijlma

What's the "Green Season?"

By January 9, 2013

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Grey-Headed KingfisherSafari companies and tourist boards love to talk about the "green season". But what is this colored season in Africa and when is it?

The "green season" comes during and right after the rainy season, when brown landscapes turn a million varieties of green. It's the perfect time to see birds and usually marks the start of a baby boom. This year (2012/13)  the "short rains" that came to many parts of Africa during the months of November/December have been particularly good.

So why is this the "Green season" the off-season for safaris, and why are there so many safari deals offered during this season? Well, for those familiar with the remote locations of many national parks, coupled with the state dirt roads get in after some heavy weeks of rain, it becomes more obvious. And while green is a lovely color, and bushes really look better with leaves, it does make it much more difficult to see animals. Especially wild ones wearing camouflage. With an abundance of water, the animals also spread out over a wider area, making it even more difficult to see them.

It's a weird fact that the rainy season can also be the hottest time of year, so the humidity is significant. Bugs love humidity, so for some people that can get  little overwhelming. It's not fun pulling insects out of your teeth when you poke your head out of the sun roof of your safari vehicle. On the other hand, seeing wildlife without the crowds and getting a great deal is a small price to pay for a little extra protein.

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