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Where is Soccer City Stadium?


Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, 2010 World Cup Stadium, South Africa

Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, 2010 World Cup Stadium, South Africa

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Question: Where is Soccer City Stadium?
Answer: Soccer City Stadium is one of 10 stadiums hosting the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It is located in southwest Johannesburg, close to Soweto, the largest township in South Africa. The stadium is located on Nasrec Road, about 8 miles (12 km) from the city center.

The best way to get to Soccer City Stadium is by car (there are 15,000 parking spaces available), minibus taxi, or park-and-ride bus. You will need a match ticket in order to use the park & ride system (click here for more info). The buses will pick up at: Wits West Campus at Wits University, Marks Park in Emmarentia, and Bezuidenhout Park near Ellis Park Stadium. There is also a commuter train that will transport fans to Soccer City, the Nasrec Station is the final stop on this line and you can walk to the stadium from here.

Soccer City Stadium will host the first and final match of the 2010 World Cup, on June 11th and July 11th respectively. Six other matches (including a quarter final) will be played here as well, see full schedule.

More about Soccer City Stadium

Soccer City Stadium has been newly constructed/refurbished for the 2010 World Cup. It's a unique structure, built to look like a "calabash". In its previous incarnation as a regular stadium it was called FNB for its sponsor, First National Bank. The FNB stadium has played a central role in South Africa's soccer history. It is the home stadium of local club -- the Kaizer Chiefs (not to be confused with the excellent British band with a very similar name). The stadium was also the venue for the first mass rally after Nelson Mandela's release from prison in 1993. The stadium can now hold more than 94,000 fans making it the largest stadium in Africa.

For those who don't have tickets, check out the Fan Park at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown. Newtown is a safe area, with lots of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. The Fan park has been well set up with security and of course large screen TV's to watch the games on.

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