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Bloemfontein World Cup Information

Bloemfontein (Mangaung) 2010 FIFA World Cup Stadium Information


Bloemfontein (Mangaung) a 2010 World Cup Stadium location. Bloemfontein match listings, how to get there, where to stay and eat, fan parks, and more below.
Bloemfontein 2010 FIFA World Cup Stadium location, South Africa

Bloemfontein, a 2010 FIFA World Cup Stadium location, South Africa

South Africa Tourism

Bloemfontein Stadium, Capacity and Who Will Play

Bloemfontein's stadium is called the Free State Stadium with a capacity of 40,000. Bloemfontein is the capital of South Africa's Free State, hence the stadium's name. The Stadium is only a few minutes drive from FIFA based team hotels. 6 matches of the 2010 World Cup will be played in the Free State Stadium:
  • 14 June 2010 -- Matches: Japan – Cameroon -- Time: 16:00
  • 17 June 2010 -- Matches: Greece – Nigeria -- Time: 16:00
  • 20 June 2010 -- Matches: Slovakia – Paraguay -- Time: 13:30
  • 22 June 2010 -- Matches: France – South Africa -- Time: 16:00
  • 25 June 2010 -- Matches: Switzerland – Honduras -- Time: 20:30
  • 27 June 2010 -- Matches: Germany - England -- Time: 16:00

About Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is South Africa's judicial capital. The official Sesotho name is Mangaung. It's located in central South Africa on the Free State plateau with a population of around 850,000. Known locally as "Bloemies"; the name "Bloemfontein" is derived from Afrikaans and means "fountain of flowers". Bloemfontein's center is filled with historical buildings and nice parks.

Getting to Bloemfontein

A small airport operates regional flights to and from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town on South African Express and South African Airlink.

Bloemfontein is located where a number of major highways meet including the N1 between Johannesburg and Cape Town. It's about a 4 hour drive from Johannesburg, 10 hours from Cape Town, and 7 hours from Durban. Catch a bus on the Translux or Greyhound or Intercape Mainliner long distance bus companies. Or rent a car and drive to Bloemfontein.

Getting Around

Local buses and taxis will get you to the Free State stadium.

Where to Stay and Eat in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein has a number of good hotels and guesthouses, click here for a comprehensive list. If you can't find accommodation in the city, check out Kimberley, about 160km west of Bloemfontein. For a little excitement you could also visit and stay in the neighboring country of Lesotho. Maseru, the capital is about 140km east of Bloemfontein.

There's the popular Cape Town Fish Market and several good restaurants along the Waterfront in King's Park.

What to See and Do in Bloemfontein (besides watching the football)

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