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African Art - Contemporary African Arts and Crafts

African arts and crafts articles, photos, profiles and information. Discover Africa's best art galleries, recycled crafts, beads, bags and more. Find out where to buy unique souvenirs for your friends back home from Maasai sandals to radios made from recycled bottle tops.

Art Galleries in Africa
Art Galleries in Africa - African Art Galleries. Facts and information about Africa's top contemporary art galleries, from Cairo to Dakar and Cape Town to Lagos.

Marula Studios, Nairobi -- Turning Flip-Flops into Art
Marula Studios in the suburb of Karen in Nairobi is a wonderful place to buy unique gifts to bring back home. An onsite workshop allows visitors to watch artists and artisans turn recycled flip-flops and crocs into beautiful sculptures, toys, beaded curtains, Christmas decorations, photo frames and more. The studio shop is filled with unique...

Recycled Art
Recycled Art from South Africa. Made in the townships, these toys, art objects and functional items are made from scrap metal, soda cans, bottle tops and plastic. They are colorful, durable and they make for some truly unique and wonderful souvenirs.

Africa at the Oscars
African movies, actors, and directors at the Oscars. Find out if African movie stars, films and documentaries have been nominated for an Academy Award. See what Oscars have gone to African actors, directors and producers in the past.

Ghana's Fantasy Coffins
Visiting a fantasy coffin workshop in Ghana was one of the highlights of my visit to Ghana. Funerals in Ghana celebrate the life of the deceased and the Ga people believe in ensuring that the dead make their way to the afterlife in true style. The colorful fantasy coffins have been popular since the 1950's. They reflect an aspect of the deceased...

El Anatsui - Beautiful Trash
Now living in Nigeria, El Anatsui creates and sculpts incredible pieces of art using broken and discarded objects to reflect the language, symbolism and history of Africa.

Maasai Sandals
I wanted to buy my husband an original gift when I was in Tanzania a few years ago. The Maasai sandal had already caught my eye. Durable, unique, recycled and practical -- just what I needed.

Cedi Beads, Ghana
Find out how glass beads are made in Ghana. Take a tour of the Cedi bead factory in eastern Ghana and watch this age-old traditional craft. Make your own beads, find out how to take a bead tour, and where to buy glass beads in Ghana.

Ten Best South African Art Museums - South Africa's Finest Art Galleries
South Africa has some impressive museums and art galleries with a broad mix of European and African art, from 17th Dutch masters to intricate Zulu beadwork. These are 10 of the country's finest art galleries.

South African Crafts Galleries - The Best Places to Buy South African Crafts
While it is fun shopping in the markets and curio stalls, if you are looking for something special it is time to look in the craft galleries where South Africa's crafts, from pottery and basketry, beading to wirework have become true art forms. These are some of the best galleries in the country.

Fantasy Coffins in Ghana
Images from a fantasy coffin workshop I visited in Ghana. Fantasy coffins have been used in the Accra region by the Ga since the 1950's. These works of art transport the deceased to the afterlife in style. The coffins celebrate an aspect of the dead person's life and common themes include fish (the Ga live along the coast), bibles, vegetables...

Hand Painted Signs in Ghana
Hand Painted signs in Ghana. Art is everywhere in Ghana, there are some great hand painted signs throughout the country, for little stores, barber shops, beauty salons, chop bars, traditional medicine men, and spots. Boats and houses are also painted with care. It is sometimes easier to take photos of signs than people in Ghana, so here is a...

Ten Top South African Art Galleries Where to Buy South African Art
South African art is increasingly collectible. Amidst the many galleries and studios, who are the serious players who deal in the works of South Africa's best and most talented artists, past and present? This is a selection of some of the best commercial art dealers in the country.

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech, Morocco
Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech, Morocco

Shop Responsibly in Africa
A simple way to be a responsible traveler in Africa, is to shop locally. Help the local economy by shopping in markets and stores around town. Buy your gifts from traders and artists directly. Get some clothes tailored locally. Enjoy bargaining for trinkets, it'll help your local language skills.

African Colours
African Colours is a wonderful contemporary art resource based out of Nairobi, Kenya. The site is managed by the talented sculptor Maggie Otieno. Regular updates keep you current on contemporary arts news from around the continent. There's information about upcoming exhibitions, artist profiles, and more. If you don't know much about the African contemporary arts scene, this is a good introduction.

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