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In depth news about Africa beyond the headlines from the BBC, allAfrica and iAfrica. Online newspapers including South African Times, Zimbabwe Post, East Africa Post and many more.
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Best Africa Blogs and Web Sites
My top 10 list of web sites and blogs about Africa that I turn to for inspiration, news, photography, travel tips, music, technology, and more.

Somali Pirates
Somali Pirates, a guide to Somalia's modern day pirates. Who are these pirates, where and how do Somali pirates operate, and what can be done to stop Somali Piracy?

Qat, Khat, Chat... A Flowering Business
Facts and information about Khat, the "African salad" with a kick, "the Abyssinian tea" with a bite. Khat (Qat) is a popular mild narcotic traditionally enjoyed by many East Africans living in the Horn of Africa. Khat leaves must be chewed when fresh for maximum affect. The habit has spawned a multi-million dollar business for countries that...

BBC World Service
Every English speaking country in Africa gets its independent news from the BBC World Service. This link takes you to the BBC's Network Africa page which lists current programs, proverbs, news and more.

all Africa.com
The most comprehensive African news site on the web. It covers current events, sports, culture, health, development issues and more. Also available in French.

BBC News Africa
Current events, health, business, entertainment, radio and more from what I consider the world's best news service.

African News Dimension
An online news service with in depth coverage of politics, culture, arts, and tourism across Africa.

Africa Confidential
Fortnightly bulletin offering in depth and intelligent analysis on the latest political events in Africa. Based in London.

Africa Renewal magazine (formerly Africa Recovery)
Quarterly news magazine about Africa's economic development from the UN.

EIN News - World News Media Monitoring
EIN news is a global news service set up for professionals working around the world. You can click on any African country and get the latest political update. A good resource for those planning to travel to any country in Africa.

BBC World Service
BBC's World Service is listened to by many Africans looking for unbiased reporting of what's going on in their own countries. This link takes you to BBC's Focus on Africa where you'll find in depth reports on politics, arts, sports and more.

The Times of Swaziland
Daily newspaper from Swaziland featuring mostly local news stories. The letters to the editor provide a nice insight into Swazi culture.

South African based website with good news coverage of the whole continent.

Botswana: Mmegi
Botswana's only independent daily newspaper.

Egypt Daily News
Aggregated Egyptian news in English and Arabic.

Kenya: East African Standard
Online edition of Kenya's oldest newspaper.

Namibia: The Namibian
Leading independent daily published in Windhoek.

South Africa: Mail and Guardian
Excellent quality South African newspaper based in Johannesburg. Africa's first online newspaper.

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