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Markets and Shops in Tanzania and Rwanda


Markets, storefronts, barber shops, Maasai cattle auctions, and hand-painted signs are featured in this image gallery. I took these photos on a recent trip in Northern Tanzania and Rwanda. After spending time on safari it's always such a treat to be in a vibrant and colorful urban environment. I love all the hand painted ads and shop signs, a disappearing art even in rural East Africa.

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Little Market Stall, KaratuLittle Market Stall, Karatu, TanzaniaMaasai Cattle Auction, Northern TanzaniaMaasai Cattle AuctionBeauty Salon, ArushaBeauty Salon, ArushaLadies Selling Their Wares, Central Market, ArushaMarket Ladies, Arusha, Tanzania
Congratulations Barack Obama Gift Shop, KaratuThe Congratulations Barack Obama Gift ShopThe Very Cool and Slick Silk BarbershopThe Silk Barbershop, KaratuMarket Day, Northern TanzaniaMarket Day, Northern TanzaniaDentist, KigaliDentist Sign, Kigali, Rwanda
Household Goods, KaratuHousehold Goods, Karatu, TanzaniaWelcome to the Obama Hotel, KaratuThe Obama Hotel, Karatu, TanzaniaMaasai Custom Made Shoe Shop, Northern TanzaniaMaasai Shoe Shop, Northern TanzaniaWhaassup in Usa River? Mobile phone painted ad in Usa River.Whaaaasssup in Usa River?
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