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This collection of pictures from Africa reflects the best travel photos that have been submitted to the site and that I have received kind permission to use. The photos include deserts scenes from Namibia, Mauritania and Morocco; wildlife from some of the best parks in Africa; images of people from Somaliland, Ethiopia, Benin and much more.

Enjoy this virtual trip around the African continent and sit back and marvel at its diversity. There are also plenty more images of Africa that don't appear in this gallery.

Thanks to all of those who have contributed to the site. If you would like to see your photos in this gallery or on the Africa for Visitors site please submit them for consideration.

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Karo Warriors, Omo River Region, EthiopiaKaro Warriors, Omo River Region, EthiopiaWestern Sahara Desert, MoroccoWestern Sahara Desert, MoroccoChurch Ceiling, Gondar, EthiopiaChurch Ceiling, Gondar, EthiopiaLesotho farmer with his dogs and cattle, LesothoLesotho farmer with his dogs and cattle, Lesotho
Lion, Southern AfricaLion, Southern AfricaA woman and her child were enjoying morning porridge in Nabila Village, Northern Ghana.Breakfast in Ghana, West AfricaSossusvlei Dunes, NamibiaSossusvlei Dunes, NamibiaImage of (Medieval) Islamic Cairo, EgyptMedieval (Islamic) Cairo, Egypt
Fisherman Digging for Worms, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaFisherman Digging for Worms, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaChildren at Lake Malawi, MalawiChildren playing at Lake MalawiAswan Spice Market, EgyptAswan Spice Market, EgyptGiraffe, Southern AfricaGiraffe, Southern Africa
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