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Africa safari information and tips to help plan your African safari. This guide to African safaris includes tips on how to choose your safari, safari tour operators, safari photos, big five information, top safari destinations, adventure safaris, family safaris and more.
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Top Ten African Safari Destinations
Top Ten African Safari Destinations includes the best wildlife parks in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Gabon.

When to go on Safari
When to go on Safari. Find out the best time to go on an African safari in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia. There's also a month by month guide to the best safari destinations in Africa as well as a guide for those interested in the best time to see gorillas, chimpanzees, birds and whales.

Safari Planner
The Safari Planner will help you make sense of the variety of safari combinations that are out there and to choose the one that best fits your animal-viewing desires.

What NOT to do on Safari in Africa
Find out what NOT to do when you are on safari in Africa. These tips will help you enjoy your safari and also keep you safe! Advice on basic safari etiquette, respecting wildlife, packing, tipping and more.

What to Pack for a Safari
A packing list for your African safari. Find out what to pack to stay comfortable and safe on your safari in Africa. Make sure you don't over pack because luggage restrictions are very tight on small planes that fly to and in between safari camps/lodges. Essential items include cameras, binoculars, chargers and adapters.

How Many Days Should You Plan a Safari For?
What is the ideal length of a safari in Africa? The best answer is probably one week. Find out why a week is the ideal length for a safari, and when you may want to opt for a longer or shorter trip. This would depend on several factors including popular add-ons like a Cape Town visit, or a few days on the beach.

Private Safari or a Group Safari?
What are the benefits of a private safari over a group safari with a set itinerary? Is a private safari always more expensive? Are there benefits to a group safari? Is a private safari more dangerous? These are common questions when you are considering a safari in Africa. Here are tips on the pros and cons of each safari type.

Family Safaris in Africa
Information about family safaris in Africa. Recommended family-friendly safaris, accommodations and countries to visit in Africa. Tips on keeping your children happy and safe while on safari in Africa.

Baby Animals on Safari in Africa
There's nothing cuter than a baby elephant, giraffe, zebra or warthog. When you are planning a safari in Africa you may be interested to know when the best time might be to see baby animals, especially newborn animals. Here's a list of popular baby animals, and where and when the best chance might be of seeing them in the wild. Of course, the...

How to Make a Luxury Safari in Africa More Affordable
How to Make a Luxury Safari in Africa More Affordable. Tips on booking a luxury safari at a reasonable price without losing the benefits of expert guides, great accommodation, food and comfort.

How to get from the Mara to the Serengeti and vice versa
Combining a safari in Kenya and Tanzania looks easy when you are viewing a map. You would think crossing the border between the Serengeti (Tanzania) and the Mara (Kenya) would be a mere formality. However, land crossings are not simple. You can cross the border on foot, but it is easier and will save you a lot of time, if you fly. Find out all...

Star Gazing on Safari in Africa
Sleep out under the stars while on safari in Africa. Find out what lodges and camps offer "star beds" and where to go for best night skies. Tips and information on safari options that only an "insider" can tell you about.

Adding a Beach to Your Safari
Want to add some beach time to a safari in Africa? Find out what factors to consider when you want to combine some fun in the sun and sand with wildlife viewing. Adding on a beach at the end of a safari is a good idea, but factor in the extra days, time of year and how far you have to travel.

10 Fun African Wildlife Facts
10 Fun African Wildlife Facts. Fun facts about your favorite animals in Africa. Find out about giraffe tongues, hippo dung, elephant trunks, black mamba venom and much more.

The Annual Migration of Wildebeest and Zebra in East Africa
The Annual Migration of Wildebeest and Zebra in East Africa is one of nature's biggest spectacles. Find out where and when you can see the migration, best places to stay and some fun facts.

How To Take a Bucket Shower
Tips on how to take a bucket shower while on safari in Africa. Find out how to make a few gallons last a long time, when to take a bucket shower, how the system works and more.

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda
Photos and information about gorilla tracking in Rwanda's Parc National des Volcans. I had the fortune to track the Sabinyo group on a sunny June day in Rwanda's Virunga volcanoes. Coming face to face with these rare and beautiful creatures was an incredible experience. Find out how you can track gorillas and what to expect on this great...

Malaria Free Safaris in Africa
Malaria free safaris can be experienced in many parts of South Africa. Find out where to stay and see the "Big Five" and much more on a malaria-free safari in South Africa's Eastern Cape region, Waterberg, Madikwe and the North Province. Malaria free safaris are perfect for families traveling with children, the elderly, and anyone who can't or...

Cheap African Safaris
Cheap African Safari tips. A guide to budget safaris in Africa with tips on how to find a cheap safari operator and save on camping, park fees and more. This article will help you find an affordable safari in Africa and still see all the animals.

Is Going on Safari Dangerous?
Is Going on Safari Dangerous? Tips to help you avoid an unwelcome confrontation with a wild animal either in a vehicle or on foot, while on safari in Africa.

Best Safaris in Kenya - Conservancies in Kenya
Best Safaris in Kenya at Kenya's Conservancies. Kenya is Africa's most popular safari destination because of its abundance of wildlife, beautiful landscapes and cultural riches. But overcrowding has put some safari purists off visiting Kenya. Find out how you can experience the best safaris in Kenya by exploring conservancies around Masai Mara,...

Your African Safari
Your African safari experiences. African safari travelogues and reviews. Share your African safari experiences with others. Users share their African safari adventures, what animals they saw, where they stayed, what parks were visited.See submissions

Gorilla Safaris
With only about 650 mountain gorilla's left in the world seeing them in the wild is something only few people will ever have the chance to experience. This article will tell you where you can see both types of gorillas, where to stay, give you an idea of the costs involved and help you choose the best safari company to go with.

The Pangolin - One of Africa's Weirder Creatures
The Pangolin is one of Africa's rare and elusive creatures, and one you would be very lucky to see on safari in Africa. Find out interesting Pangolin facts, why they are endangered and where you may see one while visiting Africa.

Safari Packing List
Safari Packing List. Find out what to pack for your African safari.

Top 10 Animals to See on Safari in Africa
Discover the top ten animals you should see when on safari in Africa. From the Big 5, to the elegant giraffe, swift cheetah, scary crocodile and rare mountain gorilla, here's a list of "must-see" animals that makes an African safari so exciting and worthwhile.

What is the "Green Season" in Africa?
What is the "Green Season" in Africa? The "green season" in Africa is the best time to get discounts on a safari. Find out when the "green season" falls in east and southern Africa, and why it could be the worst or best time to go on safari.

Safari Ethics
Some thoughts about chasing around the "Big Five" and other issues when choosing an ethical safari.

Safari Experts Interview
Interview with Tim Lapage of Safari Experts. Tim was a bush pilot in Kenya and now runs his own flying safaris. He's also an explorer, conservationist and runs his own safari company.

Birds of Kenya - Birding Safaris in Kenya
Birds of Kenya. Photos of birds in Kenya that you can see while on safari. Kenya is home to hundreds of species of birds. These images of Kenya's birds include flamingos, ostriches, vultures, kingfishers, eagles, hornbills, pelicans, cranes and many more. You can see many bird species on any Kenyan safari, but for serious birders there are...

Tanzania Safari Planner
Tanzania Safari. This Tanzania safari planner has information about Tanzania's national parks and reserves in the South, West and North of Tanzania; the best time to go on safari in Tanzania; recommended safari tour operators in Tanzania; What to bring on safari in Tanzania; Where to stay on safari in Tanzania; Transport to Tanzania; Getting...

When is the Best Time to Visit Botswana?
When to go to Botswana. Tips and information on the best time to go to Botswana. If you're planning a safari to Botswana find out when the best season for wildlife viewing is. On a budget? Check out Botswana during the "green season".

Spotting Wildlife in Africa
A safari's success is usually measured in the number of animals you've seen along the way. Here are some tips that will help you maximize your wildlife viewing successes. Where to look for wildlife, the best time to go on a safari, what to bring on a safari and more.

Overlanding in Africa
Overlanding in Africa is one of the best ways for adventure travelers to experience the beauty and diversity of Africa. Overland trips in Africa often includes travel to several countries and usually last between two weeks to 6 months. Overlanding in Africa is for those who enjoy participatory camping and roughing it a little.

Photos of a Tanzanian Safari
Photos from a Tanzanian safari taken in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Region of Tanzania. The safari included a walking safari, a cultural safari with the Hadzabe of the Lake Eyasi region and a traditional safari using 4x4 vehicles. The photos were taken in January/February 2007 by Erika Bloom and include wildlife, local tribes and scenery.

Submit Your Best Safari Photo
Submit your best safari photo. Share your African safari memories with us and tell us where and how you shot your favorite wildlife photo. See submissions

Breakfasting With an Elephant in South Africa
Close encounter with an elephant at the Hilltop Lodge in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Photo Gallery: Okavango Delta, Botswana
A wonderful collection of safari photos by Dave Hutchinson who visited the Okavango Delta, Botswana in September 2004. Lion, spotted hyena, newborn elephant, warthog, zebra and more.

Uganda: A Photo Tour
This photo tour highlights some of the best Uganda as to offer including mountain gorillas, tree-climbing lions, excellent National Parks and lodges, lush mountain ranges, Murchison Falls and the source of the Nile. Uganda is also known as one of the safest and friendliest countries on the continent.

Souvenir Shopping in Africa
Tips on shopping for souvenirs in Africa which will take you to bazaars, souqs, medinas and markets. You can barter and bargain for cotton, gold, wood carvings, water-pipes, beadwork and more. Just be careful you don't buy something illegal.

Tips for Tracking Mountain Gorillas
Tracking Mountain Gorillas is a rare privilege and many may never get the chance to see these magnificent rare animals in the wild. Those of us who are lucky enough to have the money and the opportunity should make sure they read these tips before they go. It will make the experience that much more rewarding for all parties involved

A Nature Guide to Southern African Wildlife
A Safari becomes a much richer experience if you are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna around you. This guide provides excellent information and photos.

Tips for Taking Photos on Safari in Africa
Tips for Taking Photos on Safari in Africa

African National Parks
A directory of all national parks and reserves in Africa from the famous to the obscure. Very useful if you have an itinerary and want some quick information about the parks you are visiting.

10 Days in South Africa
My recommendation for the perfect 10 day trip in South Africa includes 4 nights in Cape Town, with a visit to the Winelands followed by a safari in the Kruger area.

Star Gazing on Safari
Star Gazing on Safari. Find out what tools to download and where to go, to get the most out of star gazing while on safari in Africa.

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