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Safari Deals in Africa

Cheap Safaris in Africa


Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatas) on hood of safari vehicle
Paul Souders/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Giraffe, Southern Africa

Giraffe, Southern Africa

David Hutchinson
Tree in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Tree in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Charles Roffey

Discounted Safaris and Tours to Africa

Deals on safaris and tours are out there, the difficulty is getting a cheap flight to Africa. But if you follow some of my tips, you'll get a good fare. If the deals below don't match your budget or time frame then turn to page 2 to get tips on lowering your safari costs.

The following sites offer good deals and discounts on tours and safaris:


  • Africa Guide's last-minute deals and specials: One of the best African tour agents, Africa Guide offers deals on budget and luxury safari tours, adventure tours, diving tours, beach holidays and more.


  • Go2Africa.com: A very reputable South African based tour operator offering some excellent deals on tours and safaris in Southern Africa.


  • TourVacationsToGo.com: Offer special rates to Morocco, Egypt, Zanzibar, South Africa, Kenya and many more. You have to sign in to become a member in order to see the special fares, but it's worth it.


  • Safari Guide Africa lists special deals and discounts for safaris in all the major safari destinations in East and Southern Africa. Check for great low season deals.


  • African Budget Safaris: Based in Cape Town, this very knowledgeable tour operator offers excellent deals on safaris using local transport and campsites when convenient. Great itineraries for Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Namibia and more.


  • E-Gnu.com: Offers good discounts and deals on safaris and wildlife park lodging in East and Southern Africa.


  • AfricaSafari.com: Offers deals and regular discounts on safaris from high-end luxury fly-in safaris to budget participatory camping safaris.


  • Instant Holidays: A budget tour operator in the UK offering good deals on packages to Gambia, Hurghada (Egypt), Luxor (Egypt), Seychelles, Mauritius, Mombasa (Kenya) Sharm el Sheik (Egypt) and Tunisia.


  • Flight Centre SA: Offers excellent value holidays from South Africa to African destinations. If you can find your way to South Africa, it's worth booking a trip to Botswana or Mauritius from there.


  • Safarinow.com: Last minute deals on safari lodges and guesthouses in South Africa.

Personally, I consider joining an Overland tour as a wonderful option to see Africa; they are always cheaper than other packages, but perhaps not as luxurious.

More tips on how to find an affordable safari

If you have questions about planning your safari, you can see all my safari articles here, and you can also always e-mail me.

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