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Are you planning a trip to Africa? Get ideas on where to go in Africa, what to see and do, and when to go. Planning a trip to Africa is not always simple. Get advice on tourist visas, vaccinations, weather, and other health and safety issues.
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Plan Your Trip to Africa in 10 Steps
Planning a trip to Africa? Find out how to plan your African vacation in 10 easy steps below. This checklist will walk you through the whole trip planning process, from deciding where to go in Africa, what to pack, when to book your flights and much more.

Top 10 Things to Do in Africa
What are the best things to do on vacation in Africa? Here's a list of top 10 things to do in Africa, from going on safari to volunteering your time at a local orphanage. Find out about culinary tours, trekking, beaches, backpacking, extreme adventures, and more when visiting Africa.

African Vacation Planner - What to See and Do
Overview of what to see and do in Africa. This Africa vacation planner includes all the highlights Africa has to offer. Get tips on the best African safari destinations, the best African beaches, the best African adventures, the best cultural tours, best markets, bazaars, treks, natural wonders and more.

Top Destinations in Africa
Africa has a lot to offer visitors; culture, natural beauty, wildlife, beaches, history, vibrant cities and above all adventure. These picks highlight what I consider the best in each of these categories.

When to go on Safari
When to go on Safari. Find out the best time to go on an African safari in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia. There's also a month by month guide to the best safari destinations in Africa as well as a guide for those interested in the best time to see gorillas, chimpanzees, birds and whales.

Top 10 Myths About Africa
Top 10 myths about Africa. If you're planning a trip to Africa, whether on safari, volunteering, visiting ancient civilizations, backpacking or just enjoying a few days in the sun, you are likely to have some pre-conceived ideas of what to expect. Find out what myths abound and how wrong you can be about Africa if all you do is listen to the...

When to Use a Tour Operator to Book a Trip to Africa
When should you book a trip to Africa with a tour operator? I've listed five factors that should determine whether you book your holiday to Africa independently, or use an Africa travel specialist. Africa's logistics, vast distances, myriad of choices and factors make it a fascinating destination to vacation in, but not the easiest to plan on...

Travel Insurance Tips for Africa
Insuring your trip to Africa. Tips and information on the best way to get travel insurance for your safari or vacation to Africa.

How To Get a Cheap Flight to Africa
Advice on How To Get a Cheap Flight to Africa. Finding the best airlines deals to get a cheap flight to anywhere in Africa. Tips on when to book and where to look for budget flights to Africa.

How to Use Airline Miles and/or Reward Points to Fly to Africa
Tips on flying to Africa for free by using miles and/or your traveler reward points. Find out who flies direct to Africa (from the US), what airlines partner with African airlines and whether a stop over in Europe is really the best option. Despite the best attempts, using miles may not really save you the money you expect.

Staying in Touch While Traveling in Africa
Find out how to stay in touch with friends and family back home, while you are on vacation or traveling in Africa. Tips on international phone plans, internet connections, sim cards and more practical advice on e-mail, skype and phone calls from Africa.

Adding a Beach to Your Safari
Want to add some beach time to a safari in Africa? Find out what factors to consider when you want to combine some fun in the sun and sand with wildlife viewing. Adding on a beach at the end of a safari is a good idea, but factor in the extra days, time of year and how far you have to travel.

Tipping in Africa
Tipping in Africa. Find out when to tip and how much to tip when traveling in Africa.

First Time in Africa?
First Time in Africa? Tips on what to expect when you first travel to a developing country. Dealing with poverty, begging, unwanted attention, popular tourist scams, health and safety concerns and more.

Tips for Women Traveling in Africa
Tips for Women Traveling Alone in Africa. Advice for women travelling in Africa includes tips an avoiding sexual harassment, female health issues, travelogues from women traveling in Africa right now, and more.

Vaccinations and Travel to Africa
Vaccinations and Travel to Africa. Find out what immunizations and vaccinations you need before you travel to Africa and where to find a travel clinic to get them. Some vaccinations are recommended and some are actually required to enter a country. This article also gives you information about some of the diseases you need to be vaccinated...

How to get a tourist visa if you are planning a trip to Africa
Information about how to get a tourist visa if you are planning a trip to Africa. Tourist visas are a requirement for many African countries including Tanzania, Ghana, and Kenya. Find out if you need a tourist visa if you are planning a safari or vacation in Africa. Find out how to apply for a tourist visa in advance and what documents you will...

Best Africa Blogs and Web Sites
My top 10 list of web sites and blogs about Africa that I turn to for inspiration, news, photography, travel tips, music, technology, and more.

Travel Giving Tips for Visitors to Africa
Thinking of bringing gifts, donating to a school, or visiting an orphanage while traveling to Africa? Please consider this list of traveler Dos and Dont's so you can give responsibly. It's important for visitors to respect the community they are giving to and aim to give in a sustainable manner.

Money Matters -- Travel Tips for Africa
Money travel africa atm machines africa credit cards africa debit cards africa black market exchange rates africa cash safety carrying exhcnage rates traveler cheques bureau de changes

Deals and Discount Travel to Africa
Discounts and deals on flights, safaris and tours to Africa are listed in this article. Find the best web sites offering discounts and deals for travel to Africa.

Best Africa Travel Apps for Your Phone and i-Pad - Best Travel Apps for Your...
Here's my list of best travel apps to download to your mobile phone or i-Pad for your trip to Africa . Whether you're planning a safari , or a long weekend in Marrakech , I highly recommend you download some of these apps before you go. On a recent trip to Rwanda and Tanzania I used my i-Pad to read guidebooks, convert currency, store videos...

Does it Snow in Africa?
Does it Snow in Africa? Find out where you can ski in Africa, if there is regular snowfall and what winters are like in Africa.

National Tourist Information Offices in Africa
National Tourist Offices in Africa - Africa's Tourist Information Offices

Time in Africa
Find out what time it is in Africa right now; what Swahili time is all about; what year Ethiopians are celebrating; what the concept of "African time" is, and more about time in Africa.

International Calling (Dialing) Codes for Africa
Find the international calling or dialing code for any country in Africa. African city codes are also included for popular African travel destinations.

Africa's Capital Cities
Capital Cities in Africa. Images of Africa's capital cities, facts about every African capital city, travel information and statistics.

Safari Planner
The Safari Planner will help you make sense of the variety of safari combinations that are out there and to choose the one that best fits your animal-viewing desires.

Facts about Africa
Facts About Africa -- Africa Facts. African Geography facts, Africa population facts, fun facts about Africa, travel facts about Africa and more about Africa.

Dangers of Traveling in Africa
Dangers of Traveling in Africa. Safety tips to avoid crime while traveling in Africa. Tourists are targets for scams and pickpockets but given the level of poverty in Africa violent crime is actually quite rare. Tips on how to avoid getting robbed, what to do if you are a victim of crime when traveling in Africa and more.

Capital Cities in Africa
Capital Cities in Africa. A list of all of Africa's Capital Cities from Asmara to Yamoussoukro.

How Do Official Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings Affect Your Trip to Africa?
How Do Official Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings Affect Your Trip to Africa? Should you cancel a trip to Africa if an advisory is issued? Can you expect a refund if a travel warning is issued? What do you do if you are in a country that suddenly turns violent?

African Embassies in the US
African Embassies in the US. A list of all the African Embassies and Consulates in the United States. African Embassy addresses, web sites and contact information. Find out if you need a tourist or work visa for any country in Africa by contacting the appropriate Embassy and/or Consulate. African Embassies also provide general country information.

Souvenir Shopping in Africa
Tips on shopping for souvenirs in Africa which will take you to bazaars, souqs, medinas and markets. You can barter and bargain for cotton, gold, wood carvings, water-pipes, beadwork and more. Just be careful you don't buy something illegal.

How to Survive if You Are not Traveling in Africa
How to Survive if You Are not Traveling in Africa. Tips on how to cope if you're missing Africa include watching live safari webcams, listening to African radio stations, reading some excellent African novels and playing some traditional African games.

First Aid and Medical Kit for Travel to Africa
First Aid and Medical Kit packing list for travelers to Africa. Tips on what medications you should bring when you visit Africa including information about travelers medical insurance.

Africa Travel Podcasts
Podcasts covering travel in Africa are an incredibly useful tool for those planning a trip to the continent. I've recently been listening to podcasts (or travelcasts) about a safari in the Serengeti (Tanzania), a tour through Egypt, and a trip to Marrakech. Find out what my favorite podcasts are and you can soon be jogging on a treadmill while finding out about gorillas in Rwanda.

Using a Cell Phone While Traveling in Africa
Tips about finding a cell phone that will work when you travel in Africa and what your cheapest options are.

Treehouses in Africa
Tree-house hotels in Africa from Kenya to South Africa offer a wonderfully eco-friendly and often luxurious accommodation. Get eye to eye with a giraffe while sleeping in an ancient baobab tree, in the bush or on the beach.

African Greetings: 35 Ways to Say "Hello" in Africa
African Greetings. Learn how to say hello in several African languages spoken in Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Botswana, Malawi and more. Being able to greet someone in their own language will help you enjoy your contact with local people even more while visiting Africa and the effort will certainly be appreciated.

What Time is it in Africa?
Find out what time it is in every African country from this handy site, Greenwichmeantime.com.

Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Africa
A quiz to test your knowledge of Africa. Includes questions covering African wildlife, birds, geography, travel information, history and more. Find the answers in articles and photos about Africa.

Currencies in Africa
Find out what currency is used in every African country along with links to currency converters, tips on what money to bring when you travel to Africa and more African money matters.

Star Gazing on Safari
Star Gazing on Safari

Insuring Your Safari
Trave insurance tips when planning a trip to Africa. Fid out why I recommend you get travel insurance when you plan your trip, why it's worth getting and what questions to consider when deciding to purchase an insurance policy.

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