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Africa's Best Destinations and Attractions

Where to Go in Africa


Girl in Pink, Northern Ghana, West Africa

Girl in Pink

Lauren Mong
Not sure where to go in Africa? Find out about Africa's top destinations if you are looking to go on safari, trekking, cycling, cooking, backpacking and more. Africa's regions all offer unique activities and sights as well, find out about top attractions in East, South, West and North Africa.

Best Places to Visit in Africa

Africa is a huge, diverse continent with limitless opportunities for travelers. Here are my picks for Africa's best destinations. Planning a trip around any of these destinations will be worthwhile.

In my opinion every country in Africa is worth visiting, each has unique attractions, both cultural and natural. But there are some countries that are more popular than others, and I've broken down some "best of lists" for those as well.

Best Things to Do in Africa

Africa is a dream for adventure travelers, but the romantics can have their fair share of perfect beaches and relaxed pampering as well. Of course, going on an African safari is one of the most popular attractions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Best Places to Stay in Africa

It's difficult to narrow down lodging options for entire countries, but the list below is a start. Check back for more to come since Africa is home to some of the most unique hotels on the planet.

Best of the Rest in Africa

Here are some more personal favorites of mine that will hopefully inspire you to learn more about Africa and of course plan a visit.

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