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National Tourist Offices in Africa

African Tourist Information Offices -- Web Sites, Addresses and Phone Numbers


The Victoria Falls, from the Zambian side

The Victoria Falls, from the Zambian side

Lukonde Mfula

National Tourist Information Offices in Africa

Tourist Information offices in Africa are official government agencies that provide basic information regarding their country's sights, public holidays, hotels and more. Sometimes the information is very useful and in depth, and sometimes you'll find a very basic web site that rarely functions. It often depends on the individual country's resources, and whether tourism is an important part of the economy. Understand that the information given by the tourist office is government sanctioned. The job of the tourist information office is to sell the country to potential tourists. So enjoy the information given, but also check other travel resources, like this site, for a balanced viewpoint.

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Rwanda - Tourist Board (ORTPN)
Boulevard de la Révolution n° 1
PO Box 905 Kigali, Rwanda
Tel (250) 576514 or 573396
Fax (250) 576515
Email: info@rwandatourism.com
Web Site: http://www.rwandatourism.com/

Senegal - Tourist Office in New York
350 Fifth Avenue (Empire State Building) Suite 3118
New York NY 10118
Tel: (212) 695-9630
E-mail: sentouroffice@aol.com

Senegal's Ministry of Tourism Web Site

Seychelles - Seychelles Tourism Board (STB)
PO Box 1262
Victoria, Mahé
Tel: +248 67 13 00
Fax: +248 62 06 20
E-mail: info@seychelles.com
Web Site: http://www.seychelles.travel

Sierra Leone - National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone
Room 100 Cape Sierra Hotel
Aberdeen, PO Box 1435
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Tel: +232 22 236620
Fax: +232 22 236621
Email: info@welcometosierraleone.org Web Site: http://www.welcometosierraleone.org (if not working try..) http://www.visitsierraleone.org/

Somalia - Somali Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife
Web Site: http://www.somali-gov.info/Tourism/index.html
E-mail: mtourism@somali-gov.info

South Africa - South Africa Tourism
Bojanala House
90 Protea Road
Chislehurston, Sandton, 2196 South Africa
Tel: + 27 (0)11 895 3000
Fax: +27 (0)11 895 3001
E-mail: info@southafrica.net
Web Site: http://www.southafrica.net/
More Contacts: http://www2.southafrica.net/satourism/about/contact_us.html

Sudan - Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife
P.O.Box 13226
Sharia Abu Sina
Khartoum, Sudan
Tel: (+249-1) 83471329
Fax: (+249-1) 83472665
Web Site: http://www.sudan-tourism.gov.sd/english/index.php

Swaziland - Swaziland Tourism Authority
P.O. Box A1030
Swazi Plaza
Mbabane, Swaziland
Tel: +268 4049693/75
Fax: +268 4049683
E-mail: info@tourismauthority.org.sz
Web Site: http://www.welcometoswaziland.com

Tanzania - Tanzania Tourist Board
PS Building
P.O. Box 2485
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
E-mail: safari@ud.co.tz
Tel:(255) 022 2111244
Fax:(255) 022 2116420
Web Site: http://tanzaniatouristboard.com/

Togo - Office National Togolais du Tourisme
BP 1289, Route d’Aného
Lome, Togo
Tel: 221 43 13
Fax: 221 89 27
Web Site: http://www.togo-tourisme.com/ (under construction)

Tunisia - Tunisia National Tourism Office (ONTT)
1, Ave. Mohamed V
1001 Tunis, Tunisia
Tel: (+216-71) 341 077
Fax : (+216-71) 350 997
E-mail: ontt@Email.ati.tn
Web Site: http://www.tourismtunisia.com/

Uganda- Uganda National Tourist Board
13/15 Kimathi Avenue, Impala House
PO Box 7211, Kampala, Uganda
Tel +256 (41) 342196/7
Fax +256 (41) 342188
E-mail: utb@visituganda.com
Web Site: http://visituganda.com/index.php

Zambia - Zambian Tourist Board
Lusaka Square, Cairo Rd.
Box 30017, Zambia
Tel: (260 211) 229087/ 90
Fax: (260 211) 225174
E-mail: zntb@zambiatourism.org.zm
Web Site: http://www.zambiatourism.com/

Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Tourism Authority
1 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue
P.O.Box CY286, Causeway
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 4 752 570 / 758 730
Fax: +263 4 758 826
Email: marketing@ztazim.co.zw
Website: www.zimbabwetourism.co.zw

Africa's Tourist Information Offices A - E on Page One
Africa's Tourist Information Offices G - N on Page Two

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