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Africa Vacation Planner


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Introduction: The Best Places to Go in Africa
Africa. Kenia. Masai Mara National Reserve.
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With more than 50 countries to consider, making a decision about where to go on vacation in Africa can be quite daunting. Africa is incredibly diverse and you can experience different cultures, languages, fauna, flora and topography in every individual country.

Figuring out what you would like to see and do while on holiday in Africa is probably the best way to decide where to go. This is especially helpful if your time in Africa is limited to one or two weeks. If you have a month or more to spend in Africa then it is probably best to consider an Overland Tour so you get to experience several countries and get more of a taste of the 'real' Africa.

Once you are ready to book your vacation, follow my -- "Ten Step Africa Trip Planner" so you don't run into problems with the timing of things. You can also check to see whether it makes sense to book with a tour operator or if you can simply book your trip independently, by reading -- When to use a tour operator for your trip to Africa. If you are interested in making sure your trip to Africa is a "responsible" one, read my -- Guide to Responsible Travel in Africa. And if this is your first visit to Africa, find out what to expect.

Below you'll find a list of activities which will introduce you to the best Africa has to offer:


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