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Africa's Historic Sites and Ancient Civilizations
Grande Mosque made of mud, Djenne, Mali

Grande Mosque made of mud, Djenne, Mali

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Africa is a fascinating destination for anyone with an interest in history and ancient civilizations.


  • Africa is the birthplace of mankind and you can visit ancient hominid sites like Oldupai Gorge in Tanzania and the caves of Sterkfontein in (South Africa) where hominid fossils dating back 3.5 million years have been discovered.


  • Traveling forward in time, Egypt is of course the primary destination for all those interested in ancient civilizations. The Pharaohs left behind the great Pyramids of Giza and they built magnificent temples and tombs in Luxor and Abu Simbel... more about Egypt's ancient sites.


  • Libya is home to some of the finest examples of ancient Greek and Roman ruins in the world. You can see the Roman ruins at Leptis Magna and Greek ruins at Cyrene along Libya's Mediterranean coast. They are both World Heritage Sites and there's very rarely a crowd, you may even get the whole site to yourself.


  • If you would like to see Medieval Islamic architecture with Mosques adorned with splendid tiles, buzzing bazaars and warren-like streets then you will love Fes and Marrakech in Morocco.


  • Ethiopia is filled with living orthodox Christian sites like the churches carved out of rock in Lalibela and the marvelous Aksum Steele.


  • If you are interested in more recent African history, Slave-Tours in West Africa offer a fascinating insight into the darker periods of the continent's history. South Africa is not afraid of marketing its political history, there are Battlefields to explore and you can also visit Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years... more about South Africa's legacy tours.


  • Further off the beaten track there's Djenne in Mali, with its fantastic mosque built of mud, the mysterious thousand-year-old Great Zimbabwe Ruins and of course East Africa's slaving towns of Lamu (Kenya) and Stone Town, Zanzibar (Tanzania).


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