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The Best of Africa


Africa is a huge, diverse continent with limitless opportunities for travelers. To make it easier to plan a great vacation, you'll find Africa's highlights in the sections below. Discover the best safari destinations, festivals, historic sites, family-friendly destinations and much more.
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Best Destinations

Grande Mosque made of mud, Djenne, Mali

With more than 50 countries to visit in Africa, deciding where to go can be a bit overwhelming. If a single top 10 list still makes it difficult to plan a vacation, a good idea is to narrow your choices down to a region that attracts you. Here are my picks for best destinations in North, South, East and West Africa.

Best Attractions

Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, Egypt

In my opinion every country in Africa is worth visiting whether its big or small, dusty or lush. But some countries are blessed with more accessible attractions than others. Here's a selection of top attractions in Africa's most visited countries.

Best Safaris

Elephant backsides, south africa

Going on safari is often the main reason people plan a vacation to East and Southern Africa. If you want to see the Big 5, or witness the great annual migration, you can't go wrong with these wildlife parks.

Best Outdoor Adventures

Uhuru Peak from Shira Camp 1, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

While some would argue that just going to Africa is an adventure, once you're there, the outdoors will inspire you to take on a little bit more.

Best Family Vacations

Family vacations Africa, boy on camel, Morocco

A family vacation in Africa is fun and adventurous. With sunshine, wildlife, beaches, history and lots of culture, it will be a trip that will stay with you forever. Here are some of Africa's most family-friendly destinations.

Best Historic Sites

Fes, at work in the medina, morocco

From the ancient pyramids of Egypt and the Sudan to the mysterious Zimbabwe ruins, Africa's history is absolutely fascinating. Here are some of the highlights that should not be missed.

Best Festivals and Events

Best African Festivals Blog, Dogon Masks, Mali

You can't visit Africa without stumbling upon some celebration or festival taking place. But some are bigger than others and well worth planning your vacation around. I've broken out Africa's best festivals and events by month.

Best Hotels

Maison Mnabha, marrakech riad, Morocco

From luxury treehouse lodges in South Africa to exquisite Riads in Morocco, Africa offers an enormous variety of accommodation. Here are some "best of" lists to help you sort it all out.

Best Photos

Karo Woman, Omo River Region, Ethiopia

Nothing is more inspirational than a good travel photo. Here's a collection of some of the best photo galleries on the site, showcasing Africa at its best.

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