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Planning a Trip to Africa


Plan your trip to Africa with the resources below. There's information about visas, vaccinations, air travel, health and safety. Get inspired about where to go in Africa using the vacation planner, maps and photos. Learn more about Africa's cultures and languages before you go.
  1. Planning Your Vacation to Africa
  2. When to Go to Africa
  3. Getting to Africa
  4. Where to Stay in Africa
  1. Visas, Vaccinations and Safety
  2. Africa Facts & Information
  3. African People and Culture
  4. Photos of Africa

Planning Your Vacation to Africa

Girl in Pink, Northern Ghana, West Africa

Africa is huge and diverse, so deciding where to go will take up a lot of your planning time. If you just want a basic introduction to what there is to see and do in Africa then the links below will help you. For more details click on the tabs "Destinations" or "What to Do".

When to Go to Africa

Elephant grazing in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Planning when to go to Africa depends on what you would like to see and do in Africa. Find out below when the best times are to go on safari, when you can get the best deal on a flight, when the festivals and events are happening.

Getting to Africa

Overland truck africa

The most important thing to look into when you plan your trip to Africa is your flight. Flights book up months in advance because there just aren't that many available. If you can't find a direct flight to the African country you want to visit, then you'll have to look into regional flights. You can also opt to Cruise to Africa. A good option for getting around several countries in Africa is to choose an Overland tour.

Where to Stay in Africa

Madikwe Safari Lodge, South Africa

Below are some of my hotel and lodge recommendations in Africa. Deciding on your accommodation in Africa can take up a lot of planning time. If you're on a tour your lodging will usually be booked for you, but it's also nice to know if the hotel you're staying at has a good reputation. In some African destinations you may not have a lot of choice of accommodation. I add to hotel content regularly, so check back often.

Visas, Vaccinations and Safety

Vaccinations in Africa, health poster from Nigeria in 1970's

Many African countries require visas in order to enter and this can take a few weeks to sort out. Vaccinations are also very important, and some of the vaccinations that are highly recommended need to be administered a few months in advance of your trip. While most of Africa is quite safe for travelers, situations do change and it's important to keep up to date with travel warnings as they arise.

Africa Facts & Information

Kenya equator sign

Facts and information about Africa include geographic facts, travel facts, fun facts and individual country facts. Find out more about Africa's capitals, languages, main attractions, climate, and more useful facts for planning your trip to Africa.

African People and Culture

Karo Woman, Omo River Region, Ethiopia

Your trip to Africa will be much richer if you learn more about the local culture before you go. Even just learning how to say "hello" in the local language will enhance your experience.

Photos of Africa

Western Sahara Desert, Morocco

Seeing is believing and once you get to browse through some of these Africa photo galleries, it won't be long before you'll want to visit.

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