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Cape Town, South Africa


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Cape Town Township Tours
Cape Town Townships
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A Township Tour in Cape town is highly recommended. Townships were created as living areas for non-whites under the old political system of Apartheid. Townships are still home to a large percentage of Cape Town's population today. Most of Cape Town's townships are concentrated in the area known as the Cape Flats which lie to the East of Table Mountain. Siviwe Tours specializes in township tours to Langa, Cape Town's oldest black township. Some Township Tours also include Bo-Kaap (home to the Cape Malays) and a visit to the District 6 Museum.

Township tours are walking tours, they usually last half a day or so and include a visit to a shebeen (pub), school, orphanage, community center and a traditional healer. Having a bunch of wealthy tourists stare at orphans may seem a little odd but it may be the only opportunity you get to see how most of Cape Town's workers live. Spending the night in a Township will offer a little more depth to your visit.

Companies Offering Township Tours:

Meljo Tours
Siviwe Tours
The Last Word
Amatikulu Tours
Randy's Tours

The best music in Cape town originates from its townships and a music tour is a great way to experience the creativity and vibrancy that exists in the townships despite the poverty. For a visual of what to expect when you visit check out Sue Johnson beautiful photos of Khayelitsha township in the Cape Flats.

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