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Egypt Travel Guide

A comprehensive travel guide to Egypt including Cairo, Luxor, the Pyramids of Giza, Nile cruises, Alexandria, diving tours, Aswan and more.
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  3. Egypt: Top Attractions (10)

Egypt - Egypt Facts and Information
Egypt Facts and Information for Visitors. Facts and travel information about Egypt in North Africa. Egypt geographic facts, Egypt travel facts, economic facts, best time to go, climate, getting to Egypt and more.

Egypt Travel Information
Egypt travel information including health and safety tips, visa requirements, national holidays, currency, weather, getting to and around Egypt and more.

Egypt: Top Ten Attractions
Ancient Egypt is a top travel destination in Africa. There are so many wonderful attractions to visit. Here is my choice of the top ten sights in Egypt with photos and descriptions. They include: The Pyramids of Giza; Medieval Cairo; Abu Simbel; Temples of Karnak; Hurghada, Temple of Luxor, Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo; Cruising the...

When is the Best Time to Visit Egypt? - When to Go to Egypt
When is the Best Time to Visit Egypt? - When to Go to Egypt

Egypt's Weather
Information about Egypt's climate and average temperatures. Includes annual averages for Cairo and Aswan as well as climate information for the Western Desert and Red Sea Coast.

Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?
Is it safe to travel to Egypt? Travel advice and information for travelers planning to visit Egypt. Find out if there are current travel warnings for Egypt, basic safety tips and information, health tips, and information for women planning to travel alone to Egypt.

To Cruise or Not to Cruise the Nile in Egypt
To cruise or not to cruise the Nile in Egypt? Most Egyptian itineraries will include a Nile cruise, but is it something you simply have to do, or is it best to skip the cruise? Find out information, tips and more about cruising the Nile in Egypt to help you decide whether you need to add it to your Egypt trip.

Family Vacations in Egypt
Recommended family vacations in Egypt. Find the most family-friendly tours in Egypt, what to expect from a family holiday in Egypt and more.

Egypt - Basic Facts
A basic map of Egypt and country facts including a brief history, economic overview, population statistics, languages spoken, ethnic groups and more.

Tours to Egypt
Looking for a tour to Egypt? This article will help you find the tour that suits your needs and explain the different options out there. There are Egyptian tour recommendations and suggested itineraries.

Cairo: A Travel Guide
A Guide to Cairo, Egypt's capital and Africa's largest city. This city guide will point you to Cairo's top attractions including the Pyramids, the Sphynx, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the best bazaars for souvenirs and give you tips on where to stay and how to get around Cairo.

Alexandria Travel Information
Alexandria (Egypt) Travel Information. Alexandria travel guide with information about Alexandria tours, getting to Alexandria, getting around Alexandria, accommodation, restaurants, attractions and more.

A Guide to Luxor, Karnak and Thebes, Egypt.
Luxor is one of Egypt's great tourist attractions and commonly known as the world's largest open air museum. The city is built on and around the ancient site known as Thebes. This guide will tell you what to see, do, how to get to the temples and tombs, where to stay and more.

Hotel Listings and Reviews
There are plenty of accommodation options for travellers to Egypt. This list is from Tour Egypt and offers well-written comprehensive reviews of hotels in all the major tourist hot spots.

Egyptian Food
A nice overview of the food you can expect to eat while in Egypt. Mouth-watering actually, as long as you get out of the luxury hotels.

Top Places to Visit in North Africa
Check out North Africa's top 10 destinations. Get lost in the medinas of Tunis, Fes and Marrakech. Delve into Egypt's fascinating ancient civilizations. Climb the highest peaks of Morocco's Atlas Mountains, or swim with sharks in Egypt's Red Sea. Find out all about North Africa's best destinations.

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