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Top Travel Sights in Egypt: Photos and Descriptions


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Egypt: Hurghada
Lionfish Hurghada Egypt


Bill Dubnowski
If you're an amateur snorkeler or a professional diver you will love Hurghada on the Red Sea. One of Egypt's top destinations for those looking to simply relax on the beach or enjoy some of the world's clearest waters and spectacular coral reefs. Hurghada offers more than 10 miles of beach and plenty of accommodation, restaurants and nightclubs for all budgets. Diving is the most popular attraction here and there are numerous diving centers and schools around town. You can expect to see hundreds of spectacular fish both along the shore and around the nearby islands. For a dash of color there's: the blue-spotted stingray, lionfish, Hurghada Starand the Spanish Dancer Nudibranch. For those divers looking for bigger thrills you can also see whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and dolphins. If you get bored on the beach you can always head inland for a camel ride with the Bedouins.

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