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Ethiopia, East Africa

Ethiopia is a country that offers natural beauty, cultural diversity and an incredibly rich history that rivals Egypt's glorious past. Travel to Ethiopia and discover the buzzing markets of Addis Ababa, the walled Muslim city of Harar, the ancient city of Axum and the medieval castles of Gondar. The links to travel resources and articles below, will help you plan your trip to Ethiopia.
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Ethiopia Facts and Information
Ethiopia Facts and Information for Visitors. Facts and travel information about Ethiopia in East Africa. Ethiopia geographic facts, Ethiopia travel facts, economic facts, best time to go, climate, getting to Ethiopia and more.

Ethiopia Travel Tips -- What to Know Before You Go
Ethiopia Travel Tips. Travel tips for Ethiopia include information about Ethiopian visas; Ethiopian Currency; traveler safety and health in Ethiopia; best time to visit Ethiopia; how to get to Ethiopia; how to get around Ethiopia; information about Ethiopian tours and more.

Photos of Ethiopia
These photos of Ethiopia illustrate Ethiopia's top attractions and why the country is becoming a popular tourist destination. The Ethiopian images include the people and sights of Addis Ababa, Aksum, Lalibela, Harar, Simien Mountains, Omo River Region, Debre Zeyit and more.

Ethiopia Weather and Climate
Find out what temperatures and rainfall you can expect when you visit Ethiopia. Ethiopia's climate varies greatly depending on elevation, time of day and of course the time of year you plan to travel (even though it's close to the equator). Find out what weather to expect in Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa and Mekele.

Best Time to Visit Ethiopia?
Best Time to Visit Ethiopia? Find out when to visit Ethiopia with advice on the best time to check out the historical route, the Simien Mountains, the Danakil Depression, The Omo Valley, orthodox festivals and more.

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital city. Facts and information about Addis Ababa, where to stay, what to see, where to eat and more.

Ethiopia Map and Basic Facts
A basic map of Ethiopia and country facts including a brief history, economic overview, population statistics, languages spoken, ethnic groups and more.

Images of Omo River Tribes, Ethiopia
Images and information about Ethiopian Tribes living in the Omo River Region, Southwestern Ethiopia. Images include the Mursi, Hamer, Bodi, Ari, Bumi and Karo tribes of the Omo River region of Ethiopia. Each tribe has its unique customs, language, rituals, and ceremonies.

Best treks in Africa
The best treks and hikes in Africa. Challenging peaks can be found from Morocco's Atlas Mountains all the way down to South Africa's Drakensberg. Africa's most popular trekking destination is Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the continent. Lesser known ranges like Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains offer an incredible array of snow-capped...

Ethiopia's Millennium
Ethiopia's Millennium, a guide to the planned festivities, tours and more. Celebrate the year 2000 (this September 2007) with Ethiopians around the world. Find out what is going on, check out available Millennium tours, how to get to Ethiopia, and if you can't get to Ethiopia, how to celebrate with the Ethiopian diaspora in a town near you.

Qat, Khat, Chat... A Flowering Business
Facts and information about Khat, the "African salad" with a kick, "the Abyssinian tea" with a bite. Khat (Qat) is a popular mild narcotic traditionally enjoyed by many East Africans living in the Horn of Africa. Khat leaves must be chewed when fresh for maximum affect. The habit has spawned a multi-million dollar business for countries that...

Ethiopia - Places to Visit
A good overview of the main attractions for visitors to Ethiopia. Includes brief descriptions on what to see in Addis Ababa, Gondar, Bahar Dar, the Blue Nile, Axum, Lalibela and more.

Ethiopia Travelogue - 2 Week Tour, 2009
A two week trip to Ethiopia in September 2009 inspired Robyn Cox and Alan Pattison to put together a web site with information and photos. It's an excellent introduction to Ethiopia's main attractions including the historic north as well as several national parks.

Ethiopia Travel Blogs
Read about travelers recent experiences to Ethiopia often accompanied by photos. This is a great resource for those planning to visit Ethiopia in the near future. You can get tips on hotels, attractions, current prices and much more.

Ethiopia Travel Information
Basic travel information for those visiting Ethiopia. Average climate, visa information, currency, public holidays and general travel warnings.

Ethiopian Culture
A good introduction to Ethiopian languages, culture and music scene. There's also some information about Ethiopian food, from Selmata.com an Ethiopian site.

Ethiopia Travel Podcast
Amateur Traveler talks to Chris Willis who traveled to Ethiopia in 2006/7. The podcast covers a basic tourist itinerary highlighting Ethiopia's sights and has some handy tips about what to expect of when traveling in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Festivals
A list of the major festivals taking place throughout the year in Ethiopia. Most of the festivals listed are orthodox Christian celebrations dating back to the 4th millennium. They generally last several days and are really worth planning your trip around.

Images of Ethiopia
Some beautiful photos of Ethiopia and Ethiopians taken by Polish traveler Swiatek Wojtkowiak.

Ethiopian News and Information
Nazret.com is an Ethiopian news portal with links to all the major Ethiopian online newspapers. It also covers current news and information regarding Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Diaspora. You can read the nes in both English and Amharic.

Journalist's Web Log from Ethiopia
Andrew Heavens is a British journalist based in Ethiopia. His blog covers Ethiopian news and issues as well as personal travel stories accompanied by some good photos.

Ethiopian Airlines
The official site for Ethiopian Airlines. Their domestic network is good and not too expensive. It offers visitors a good alternative to public transport on potholed roads.

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