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Omo River Tribes, Ethiopia


With more than 50 unique tribes living in the Omo River Region of Southwestern Ethiopia, it's a fascinating destination for those interested in African culture. The remote location, which is barely accessible by 4 wheel-drive, has meant that traditional customs and beliefs are very much intact for most of these tribes. The Kalashnikovs slung across some warriors' backs can be a little disconcerting but the tribes are friendly and this is often the only western accessory you'll see them wear.

Tours are of course recommended and these are listed on every image page below. Most tours include spending a few nights in each village and these are not luxury camps by any means. Most tours also include a section down the Omo River which is great for white-water rafting.

Click on any of these images below (taken in 2005) and find out a little about the Mursi, Karo, Hamer, Bodi, Bumi and Ari people.

Many thanks to Charles Roffey and Angela Fairbank for the use of their images.

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Image of a Mursi Woman, Omo River Region, Ethiopia.Mursi Woman, Omo River region, EthiopiaMursi Couple, Omo River Region, EthiopiaMursi Couple, Omo River region, EthiopiaMursi men shopping for cloth, Omo River Region, EthiopiaMursi Men Shopping, Omo River Region, EthiopiaImage of a Mursi Man, Omo River Region, EthiopiaMursi Man, Omo River Region, Ethiopia
Karo Woman, Omo River Region, EthiopiaKaro Women, Omo River region, EthiopiaKaro Warriors, Omo River Region, EthiopiaKaro Warriors, Omo River region, EthiopiaHamer Woman, Omo River Region, EthiopiaHamer Woman, Omo River region, EthiopiaImage of Hamer Man, Omo River Region, Ethiopia.Hamer Man, Omo River region, Ethiopia
Image of Hamer Couple, Omo River Region, EthiopiaHamer Couple, Omo River region, EthiopiaImage of Bumi Men, Omo River Region, EthiopiaBumi Men, Omo River region, EthiopiaBodi Woman, Omo River Region, EthiopiaBodi Woman, Omo River region, EthiopiaImage of an Ari Woman Omo River Region, EthiopiaAri Woman, Omo River region, Ethiopia
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