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Ari Woman, Omo River region, Ethiopia


Ari women are famous for their pottery which they sell to support their families.
Image of an Ari Woman Omo River Region, Ethiopia

Ari Woman, Omo River Region, Ethiopia.

Charles Roffey

The Ari

The Ari Ari inhabit the northern border of Mago National Park in southwestern Ethiopia. Ari Villages have neat compounds in fertile and scenic land with coffee plantations. They have large livestock herds and produce large quantities of honey. The women wear skirts from the banana like tree, called Enset. Ari women are famous for their pottery which they sell to support their families.

More information about the Ari

  • An account of Ari pottery from Kaneko Morie, an Anthropoligist.

Cultural Tours to the Omo River Region, Ethiopia

Many tour companies that specialize in Ethiopia offer tours to the Omo River Region. You can often add on a tour of some of Ethiopias famous religious and historical sights. Below is a sampling of itineraries which focus on the cultures of the Omo River Region.
  • Omo River Expeditions from Safari Experts. This is 14-day trip down the Omo River in Southern Ethiopia to Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya.

  • Intrepid Travel offers a 10 day cultural tour of the Omo River Region in Ethiopia.

  • Photo Safaris offers a 17 day cultural tour where photographing the various tribes in the Omo River region is the focus of the tour.

  • Remote River Expeditions offer a 13 day and a 24 day tour of the Omo River region. This is a white water rafting trip combined with stays in local villages and bird watching.

  • Green Land Tours offers several different itineraries to the Omo River region and will accommodate special requests to view important ceremonies.

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