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Photos of Ethiopia

Ethiopia in Pictures


These photos of Ethiopia highlight the tremendous wealth of attractions the country has to offer visitors. Travel to Ethiopia is becoming increasingly popular as people discover ancient religious and historical sights that rival those of Egypt (without the tour buses). The variety of languages and tribes, particularly in the Omo River Region, is enough to satisfy anyone's inner anthropologist. Adrenalin seekers can trek in the impressive Simien Mountains, or white-water raft down the Omo River. Birders can enjoy more than 800 species of birds and if you enjoy primates, the rare Gelada baboon is a true treat for the eyes.

While travel in Ethiopia is still somewhat rough; buses are bouncy and there aren't too many five star hotels -- the rewards are worth it. Find out more about traveling to Ethiopia.

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Many thanks to Robert Eilets; Charles Roffey; Robert Eilets and Angela Fairbank for the use of their images.

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Priest in yellow, EthiopiaPriest in yellow, EthiopiaShop in Bahar Dar, EthiopiaShop in Bahar Dar, EthiopiaChurch, Lalibela, EthiopiaChurch, Lalibela, EthiopiaKaro Woman, Omo River Region, EthiopiaKaro Women, Omo River region, Ethiopia
Monk in Lalibela, EthiopiaMonk in Lalibela, EthiopiaYoung women, EthiopiaYoung Women, EthiopiaPilgrims resting, Lalibela, EthiopiaPilgrims resting, Lalibela, EthiopiaGirl in a green dress, Lalibela, EthiopiaGirl in a green dress, Lalibela, Ethiopia
Hamer Woman, Omo River Region, EthiopiaHamer Woman, Omo River region, EthiopiaGirl in Harar, EthiopiaGirl in Harar, EthiopiaBoy in the Simien Mountains, EthiopiaBoy in the Simien Mountains, EthiopiaPriests in white, Lalibela, EthiopiaPriests in white, Lalibela, Ethiopia
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