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Monk in Lalibela, Ethiopia


Lalibela in is one of Ethiopia's holiest towns for Orthodox Christians. Established in the 12th Century, Lalibela was built to be the New Jerusalem.
Monk in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Monk in Lalibela, Ethiopia

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Lalibela, in Ethiopia's central highlands, is now the size of a large village, but in the 12th century it was a major holy city. Today, visitors to Lalibela come to marvel at the unique churches built out of solid rock. There are 13 of them and all are thought to have been built during the 12th and 13th centuries. Lalibela remains an important site for pilgrims and the town is literally filled with priests wearing impressive, colorful robes. Lalibela is a unique place to visit, whether you're on a religious tour or simply sightseeing.

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