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African Food and Drink

African food and drink information and links to African recipes, markets and regional African cuisine. Tasting a dish of fried flying ants and enjoying a thick chibuku shake is what travelling is all about - for some! Africa is as diverse in its foods as in its cultures. Here's a guide to the regional cuisines from Egypt to Zimbabwe.
  1. South African Food and Drink

Culinary Tours to Africa
Culinary Tours to Africa - Africa Culinary Tours and Vacations. Information about culinary tours to Morocco and South Africa. Find information about African cooking schools, food tours, African cuisine and more.

Moroccan Food
All about Moroccan food and cooking. Recipes, step-by-step photo tutorials, blog, and reader forums.

Zambian Cooking and Village Tour
Zambian Cooking Tour and Cultural Visit. Shopping in local markets and cooking up a traditional Zambian meal in a local village near the Victoria Falls is a great experience.

Mopane Worm
Mopane worms are a nutritious food source for many rural people in southern Africa. Mopane worms are not worms, but caterpillars. I tasted one recently, find out what it was like, check out some mopane worm recipes, and learn more interesting facts about this bush food.

Beers of Southern Africa
Beers of Southern Africa. Information about beers of South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola, Malawi, Botswana, Swaziland, Angola and...

Beers of East Africa
Beers of East Africa. A sampling of beers you can expect to savor when enjoying a safari or beach vacation in East Africa's popular tourist destinations. Find out how to order a beer in Tanzania and Ethiopia, and what's on tap in Kenya.

Qat, Khat, Chat... A Flowering Business
Facts and information about Khat, the "African salad" with a kick, "the Abyssinian tea" with a bite. Khat (Qat) is a popular mild narcotic traditionally enjoyed by many East Africans living in the Horn of Africa. Khat leaves must be chewed when fresh for maximum affect. The habit has spawned a multi-million dollar business for countries that...

Cape Town's Top 10 Restaurants
My top 10 picks of best restaurants in Cape Town and the Winelands. If you're looking for fine dining, gorgeous views, excellent wines and great service, these top 10 Cape Town area restaurants will not disappoint. Cape Town has hundreds of great places to eat for all budgets so it's difficult to choose where to go, check out this list and you...

Rooibos – South Africa's redbush wonder tea
Rooibos is caffeine-free, low in tannin, high in anti-oxidants and seems to have a host of other healing properties that are only now being fully appreciated. South Africa's redbush wonder tea is becoming a popular drink of choice around the globe.

Chibuku Shake-Shake
If you've traveled in southern Africa, chances are you have seen people drinking from an attractive white, blue, and red carton. You will almost certainly have seen scraps of Chibuku cartons along many a roadside. Chibuku is based on a traditional beer recipe made from sorghum and/or maize (corn). The shake-shake is a directive, since the solids tend to separate in the carton, so it needs a shake before you drink it. The alcoholic content in Chibuku is fairly low, but the longer it sits around, the stronger it gets.

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
Coffee originated in Ethiopia and the "coffee ceremony" is an important part of Ethiopian culture. It involves roasting coffee beans and preparing boiled coffee in a vessel akin to the ibriks used to make Turkish coffee. Women can spend several hours a day performing the ceremony.

Biltong is a delicious dried meat snack commonly found in Southern Africa. This article provides information about the different types of biltong available and also where you can buy it when you get back from your vacation.

BETUMI: An African culinary network
The African culinary network is a site that attracts scholars and cooks who are all interested in African cuisine and food history. There's a lively blog, information about restaurants, markets and more.

The Congo Cookbook
Over 150 African recipes and information about African cooking, ingredients, cuisine as well as a bit of culture thrown in for good measure. A very comprehensive site.

Africa Chop
The Africa chop lists restaurants serving African food outside of Africa. There are also recipes, a glossary and handy links to shops that sell African food online.

Egyptian Cuisine
Egyptian recipes from TourEgypt include salads, kufta, kebabs, lamb, couscous, stuffed peppers and many more mouth watering delicacies. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo and easy to follow instructions.

African cooking and recipes
A nice list of recipes from The Africa Guide covering several African countries and spanning the continent. A list of African cookbooks is also handy and can even purchase some kente tablecloths if you are inspired beyond the cooking pot.

South African Food in the US

The African Cookbook
A collection of recipes and menus from around Africa includes information about food in Morocco, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Madagascar, and some others.

African Recipes and Cooking Tips
Salads from Chad and soups from Somalia -- this site has a nice eclectic collection of recipes from all four corners of the African continent. Includes vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Libyan Cuisine and Recipes
Over fifty recipes from Libya including Couscous, Tawajeen and Ruzz. Well organized and written in English.

South African Wine
When you are searching for "African wines" all you see is South African wine and with good reason, it is abundant and delicious. This site provides a huge amount of news and information about South African wines from how they are grown to how they taste.

Beers of Africa
It is surprisingly difficult to find a decent list of beers per country in Africa, trust Wikipedia to have the best list out there.

The Best of South African Food
South Africa has a rich culinary tradition, from Africa, Europe and Asia, along with wonderful ingredients. Specialities include waterlillies, mopane worms, ostrich and slap pap.

Beers of Africa
A guide to the Beers of Africa. African beer doesn't win too many international awards, although some micro-brews particularly in South Africa, are making small waves. But when you're hot and dusty, and looking at a gorgeous sunset - a cold Windhoek Lager, or Tusker can taste like the best beer in the world.

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