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Gay and Lesbian Travel in Africa

Links and articles concerning gay and lesbian travel in Africa. Includes gay friendly tours, gay guides to African cities, gay friendly travel agencies, information about laws and current affairs concerning gay visitors to Africa. Most African countries have laws against homosexuality so be informed before you travel to Africa and stay safe while you are there.

Gay and Lesbian Travel in Africa
Gay and Lesbian Travel in Africa. If you are Gay or Lesbian and plan to travel in Africa here are some tips to help you find gay-friendly tour operators that specialize in Africa Travel. There's also information about gay guides to African cities, how to deal with the illegal status of homosexuality in most African countries, the latest gay news...

Gay Tours and Safaris in Africa
Gay-2Afrika is an American based tour company which offers a wide range of tours and safaris to several destinations in East Africa, Southern Africa and the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean Islands including Madagascar and the Seychelles. This is one of the most comprehensive gay tour companies that specialize in Africa. Their prices include airfare.

Hermes Tours to Africa
Hermes Tours specializes in gay and lesbian tours have several options available for travel in Africa including Egypt, Kenya and Uganda. These are comfortable guided tours with a good mix of culture and adventure in a gay-friendly environment.

Gay & Lesbian News and Affairs in Africa
Behind the Mask is a web site magazine on lesbian and gay affairs in Africa. It is an excellent resource for gay and lesbian travelers to the continent. There is information per country regarding laws and attitudes to homosexuality. There's information about how to get involved with gay rights issues in Africa, bulletin boards, information about the arts and more.

Gay View on News out of Africa
The Gully is a web magazine that focuses on world issues from a gay viewpoint. There are some excellent articles written by gay Africans describing the issues they faced growing up in a hostile environment. There's also news and views on gay bashing from Egypt to Zimbabwe.

Cape Town Article by About.com's Gay Travel Guide
About.com's gay Travel Guide, Andrew Collins writes about his travels to Cape Town. The article provides information for those looking to book a gay-friendly vacation in South Africa (from the US), and offers tips on where to dine, go out and where to stay.

Gayegypt.com offers an in depth guide to the gay scene in Egypt including Cairo, Luxor, Siwa and Aswan. It includes some tips and advice on staying safe given the fact that gay men are routinely harassed and imprisoned in Egypt.

Gay Guide to South Africa
A travel guide to gay South Africa from Mamba online a gay web site. Tips on where to go and what to see in Africa's friendliest gay environment. There's also information about the annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade held in Johannesburg every September/October, Africa's largest gay event.

Gay- Friendly Accommodation in South Africa
Sleep With Us is South Africa's top gay accommodation web site. Ensures you'll have a comfortable stay and offers hotels and bed and breakfasts to suit all budgets.

Gay Guide to Cape Town
Capetown.tv is Cape town's top gay travel site with information about restaurants, hotels, packages and tours. Cape Town certainly offers Africa's best gay scene and it's legal!

Gay Net Cape Town
Another information and news web site for gay and lesbian travelers to Cape Town. Lists hotels, restaurants, events, personals and more for the discerning gay and lesbian traveler.

Package Tours In and Around Cape Town
Gay friendly package tours in and around Cape Town from Sea More Express. This tour company offers several packages starting from 7 days. They also have many day tour options including whale watching, wine-tasting, Robben Island, Table Mountain, nude beaches and more.

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