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Ghana Travel Guide

Travel guide to Ghana including information about accommodation, top attractions, culture, how to get around, weather, currency exchange and more.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Ghana
When you travel to Ghana, the best places to visit include the castles and forts used during the slave trade, Accra, Kumasi, the Mole and Kakum national parks and of course Busua and Kokrobite beaches.

Ghana Facts and Information
Ghana Facts and Information for Visitors. Facts and travel information about Ghana in West Africa. Ghana geographic facts, Ghana travel facts, economic facts, best time to go, climate, getting to Ghana and more.

Best Hotels in Ghana
Best Hotels in Ghana - Where to Stay in Ghana. Hotel recommendations for visitors to Ghana include moderately priced, good, clean accommodation in Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Elmina and other major tourist sights in Ghana.

When is the Best Time to Visit Ghana?
What's the best time to visit Ghana? If you want to enjoy Ghana's beaches, go on safari, visit Accra and Kumasi, and enjoy the castles and slave forts along the coast, then it's important to plan your vacation around the rainy seasons.

Ghana's Weather and Climate
Information about Ghana's weather and average temperatures to help plan your trip. Ghana is hot and humid year-round with two rainy seasons. Find information about average temperatures in Accra and Tamale (northern Ghana). Discover the best time to visit Ghana to avoid too much heat and rain.

Ghana Travel Information
Ghana Travel Information. Travel planning tips for Ghana in West Africa. Information about visas, health and safety, when to go, how to get to Ghana and how to get around Ghana.

Accra Top Sights and Attractions
Find out where to go and what to see when you visit Accra, Ghana's lively coastal capital. Discover Accra's most popular beaches, nightclubs, restaurants, art galleries, coffin workshops, markets and more. This is list is based on my personal experience in Accra.

Accra Travel Guide
Travel guide to Accra, Ghana's lively capital. Find out where to stay, where to eat and how to get around by tro-tro or taxi in Accra. There are plenty of interesting sights in Accra that go well beyond Government buildings and busy markets. Art galleries, coffin workshops and beaches are all wonderful to explore.

Tro-Tro's in Ghana
Tro-tros in Ghana are shared taxis that ply a specific route and leave when full. Find out how to use this cheap and fairly efficient form of transport when traveling around Ghana.

Cedi Beads, Ghana
Find out how glass beads are made in Ghana. Take a tour of the Cedi bead factory in eastern Ghana and watch this age-old traditional craft. Make your own beads, find out how to take a bead tour, and where to buy glass beads in Ghana.

Elmina, Ghana
Elmina on Ghana's Cape Coast is a fascinating, lively fishing town that most people visit to see the famous Elmina (or St George Castle). This guide to Elmina covers tours of Elmina Castle where you learn about its pivotal role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Find out more about Elmina town, where to stay, what to see, and where to eat.

Elmina, Central Coast, Ghana
Images and guide to Elmina on Ghana's Central Coast. Elmina is one of the most fascinating places I've visited in Africa. The St George's or Elmina Castle played a major role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and is the main attraction in town. But I found the fishing port to be equally fascinating with its lively markets, Asafo buildings, and...

Ghana's Fantasy Coffins
Visiting a fantasy coffin workshop in Ghana was one of the highlights of my visit to Ghana. Funerals in Ghana celebrate the life of the deceased and the Ga people believe in ensuring that the dead make their way to the afterlife in true style. The colorful fantasy coffins have been popular since the 1950's. They reflect an aspect of the deceased...

Photos of Rural life in Ghana, West Africa
Images of daily life in the villages of Ghana, West Africa

Hand Painted Signs in Ghana
Hand Painted signs in Ghana. Art is everywhere in Ghana, there are some great hand painted signs throughout the country, for little stores, barber shops, beauty salons, chop bars, traditional medicine men, and spots. Boats and houses are also painted with care. It is sometimes easier to take photos of signs than people in Ghana, so here is a...

Accra, Ghana
Image and information about Accra, Ghana's bustling capital. Find out what to see in Accra, where to stay, eat and go out.

Fantasy Coffins in Ghana
Images from a fantasy coffin workshop I visited in Ghana. Fantasy coffins have been used in the Accra region by the Ga since the 1950's. These works of art transport the deceased to the afterlife in style. The coffins celebrate an aspect of the dead person's life and common themes include fish (the Ga live along the coast), bibles, vegetables...

Slave-Trade Tours in West Africa
Slave Tours to West Africa. Information about major slave-trading sights in Ghana, Benin, Senegal, and the Gambia for travelers interested in visiting these sites. Lists of heritage tours, slave tours and roots tours are also included.

Ghana Map and Basic Facts
A basic map of Ghana and country facts including a brief history, economic overview, population statistics, languages spoken, ethnic groups and more.

Ghana Blogs and Travel Journals
Find out what it's like to travel in Ghana from people who are doing it right now. Here's a collection of travelogues and blogs as well as lots of photos. Posts are updated almost daily.

Ghana's Official Tourism Site
Ghana's official tourism site is comprehensive and easy to use. There's information about Ghana's history, its destinations, tours, deals and more.

Hotels in Ghana
A hotel directory listed by region in Ghana (don't worry there is a map). Certainly the most comprehensive hotel listing but you have to have an idea about what locations you wish to find a hotel in. Not a very "just browsing" friendly list.

People and Culture of Ghana
The African Guide gives a good brief overview of Ghana's main tribes; the Akan (Ashanti and Fanti), the Ewe, the Ga-Adangbe, the Mole-Dagbani, the Guan, and the Gurma. There's also information about Ghanaian music, festivals, religion and food.

Accra Daily Mail
Online version of Accra's (Ghana's capital) English daily newspaper. Stay up to date with local news, sports, editorials and business news.

Africa in FIFA's World Cup 2006
Five African nations will be represented at FIFA's World Cup this summer (2006) in June, the world's most important sporting event. The teams come from Angola, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Tunisia. Find out about the African teams, fixtures and groups. I've also picked out what players to watch and which African teams are favored to do well.

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