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Ghana Travel Information

Visas, Health and Safety, When to Go to Ghana


This Ghana travel planning article gives you information about visas, health and safety and when to go. Page two includes information about getting to Ghana and transport options within Ghana.

Visas and other Entry Requirements

All visitors to Ghana are required to have a visa unless you are a citizen of a West African country which belongs to ECOWAS. You must have a return ticket to Ghana before applying for a visa. Basic tourist visas are valid for 3 months from date of issue so don't get it too early or it may expire before you arrive. A single entry tourist visa costs $50. Student visa applications must be submitted together with a letter of invitation from the principals in Ghana and or in the student's home country.

Ghana also requires all visitors to have a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever.

Check with Embassy of Ghana for the most updated information and location of Consular offices.

Health and Immunizations

Ghana is a tropical country and a poor country so you'll need to pack a good basic medical kit for yourself when you go.

Ghana requires all visitors to have a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever.

Other recommended immunizations for travel to Ghana include:

  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Diphtheria

More information about immunizations for travel to Africa ...


There's a risk of catching malaria pretty much everywhere you travel in Ghana. Ghana is home to the chloroquine-resistant strain of malaria as well as several others. Make sure your doctor or travel clinic knows you are traveling to Ghana (don't just say Africa) so s/he can prescribe the right anti-malarial medication. Tips on how to avoid malaria will also help. For more details on Malaria in Ghana, click on this map from the WHO.


In general people are extremely friendly in Ghana and you will be humbled by their hospitality. It's also one of Africa's more stable countries politically and you should be able to travel safely to all areas. But, there is real poverty and you will still attract your fair share of souvenir hawkers and beggars. If you follow some basic safety rules, you shouldn't have any problems. Accra is actually one of West Africa's safest big cities but you do need to be aware of pickpockets and petty thieves especially around crowded areas like bus stops and markets. It's also not a good idea to walk on the beach alone at night.

Ghana is generally considered to be the best West African country to visit if you're a woman traveling alone.

Money Matters

The cedi is the unit of currency in Ghana. The cedi is broken down into 100 pesewas. Check out this currency converter to find out how many cedis your dollar, yen or pound can get.

The best currencies to bring to Ghana are: US Dollars, Euros or British pounds. These will get you the best exchange rate at banks and foreign exchange bureaus. ATM machines are available in major cities but may not always work and only accept Visa or Mastercard. If you're planning on bringing traveler cheques, exchange them in the main cities, smaller towns may not exchange them. Don't change too much money at one time unless you're prepared to accommodate large wads of cedis.

Banking hours are 8.30am - 3.00pm, Monday - Friday.

For more tips on how to bring your cash, see this article.

Note: Tipping is commonplace in Ghana, the word for tip is dash.

Climate and When to Go

Ghana is basically hot and humid all year round. The best time to travel is probably December to April since you'll miss the rainy season. But this is also the hottest time of year and quite uncomfortable in the north of the country since it there's the added bonus of Saharan sand blowing in the air. July and August are good months to travel if you're planning to stay in the south, since there's a lull in the rains during this time. More about Ghana's climate and average temperatures and Best Time to Visit Ghana.

If you wish to see festivals, August and September are good months to visit Ghana since many communities celebrate their first harvests during these months.

Page Two:

Ghana transport information; how to get to Ghana and how to get around Ghana.
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