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When is the Best Time to Visit Ghana?


Busua Beach, Ghana

Busua Beach

Basua Inn
Question: When is the Best Time to Visit Ghana?
Answer: The best time to visit Ghana is during the dry months from November to April. Ghana is hot and humid year round, but slightly less so during these months. The dry season also means less mosquitoes and some of the secondary roads will also be in better shape. The drawback of the dry season is that the "harmattan" kicks in, especially in the north of Ghana. The harmattan is a hot wind that carries Saharan sand, making it dusty and therefore not ideal for photographers looking for clear shots. The rainy seasons in the center and southern regions usually last from April - June and September - November. The drier northern region experiences its rains from March - September. More about -- Ghana's climate and average temperatures.

Best Time to Visit Ghana's Beaches
Ghana boasts some lovely beaches, especially on the western coast. While it is hot year round, the best time to visit the beach is from October through April, there is slightly less humidity during this time of year and less mosquitoes. If you're staying in a dorm or budget hotel, make sure it has a mosquito net at anytime of year to avoid getting malaria. Always be careful of rip tides when swimming, Ghana's coast is notorious for them. More about -- Ghana's top attractions...

Best Time to Go on Safari in Ghana
Ghana's premier safari park is Mole National Park in the north of the country. The best time to visit is during the dry season from January to March. Roads are in better condition and the animals are not so widely dispersed, but rather concentrated around permanent water holes. This makes it much easier to spot them.

Best Time to Visit Ghana's Slave-Trade Sites
Most of the major forts and castles are built on the coast, and the best time visit is also during the drier months from October through April. More about -- Ghana's slave forts and castles...

Ghana's Average Temperatures
Ghana is hot and relatively humid year round with average temperatures hovering around 85 Fahrenheit (30 Celsius) during the day. If you can afford a hotel with ac and/or a pool it's worth it. Find out average temperatures for -- Accra on Ghana's southern coast and Tamale in northern Ghana.

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