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Hand Painted Signs in Ghana

Ghana's Street Art


Art is everywhere in Ghana, there are some great hand painted signs throughout the country, for little stores, barber shops, beauty salons, chop bars, traditional medicine men, and spots. Boats and houses are also painted with care. It is sometimes easier to take photos of signs than people in Ghana, so here is a small collection I took on a recent visit. The photos were taken in Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Elmina and Akosombo

Hand-painted signs are a dying art in Africa as color printing becomes cheaper and more widely available. However, the ubiquitous cell phone companies that daub houses vibrant pinks, greens and yellows throughout the continent have added extra color to even the most remote villages.The verdict is out as to whether this is a good or a bad thing. Local folks enjoy a free coat of paint on their homes and shops, but it's garish to say the least.

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James Town Beauty Salon, Accra, GhanaJames Town Beauty SalonBoxer, Ussher Town area, AccraBoxer, Ussher Town, AccraPainted fishing boats, Kokrobite, GhanaFishing Boats, Kokrobite, GhanaTraditional Healer, Akosombo, GhanaTraditional Healer, Akosombo, Ghana
Finger of God nail salon, Elmina, GhanaFinger of God Nail SalonSlave River Mural, Assin Manso, GhanaSlave River Mural, Assin Manso, GhanaPeace Sign, Elmina, GhanaPeace SignMural for Tawala Beach Bar/Restaurant, Accra, GhanaMural for Tawala Beach Bar/Restaurant
Chop bar sign, Cape Coast, GhanaChop BarBarbershop Sign, Elmina, GhanaBarbershop Sign, Elmina, GhanaSkin Light, Kumasi, GhanaSkin Lightening Ad, Kumasi, GhanaCoca-Cola Sign, Cedi Bead Factory, Odumase-Krobo, GhanaCoca-Cola Sign
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