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Photos of Rural life in Ghana, West Africa

Images of Villages in Northern Ghana by Lauren Mong


Lauren Mong spent 8 months in Ghana (West Africa) during 2005, stationed at a small mission in the North of the country. She lived in a little village called Bunbonayili much as the local people did. Her home was a mud hut; she ate local food; gathered water; and did her washing by hand alongside the local women. It was an incredible experience and she managed to capture the beauty of the people and the landscape in these wonderful images.
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Fulani woman milk seller. Bunbonayili, Ghana, West Africa.Fulani Woman, GhanaA boy named Peter from Bunbonayili Village, Ghana, West AfricaVillage Boy, GhanaA boy enjoying some candy. Photo taken in Bunbonayili, Ghana, West AfricaBoy Eating Candy, GhanaWomen doing their laundry in the dam in Bunbonayili, Ghana, West AfricaThe Dam in Bunbonayili, Ghana
Image of a young Fulani girl in Bunbonayili village, Ghana, West AfricaYoung Fulani Girl, GhanaBoy eating porridge in Ghana, West AfricaBoy Eating Porridge, GhanaA woman and her child were enjoying morning porridge in Nabila Village, Northern Ghana.Breakfast in Ghana, West AfricaGirl in Pink, Northern Ghana, West AfricaGirl in Pink, Bunbonayili village, Ghana
Sunset over a hut in Bunbonayili, Ghana, West Africa.Sunset over a hut in Bunbonayili, Ghana, West Africa.Image from a hut in a Northern Ghana village, Jinbong. Jinbong Village, Northern GhanaChildren gathering water as the sun sets. Bunbonayili Village, Ghana.Water Gatherers, GhanaWomen cooking tizet a local dish in Ghana, West AfricaMaking Tizet a local staple in Bunbonayili, Ghana
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