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How To Avoid Malaria

Tips on how to avoid malaria passed on by the Anopheles mosquito in Africa. Taking medication, using mosquito repellents and recognizing symptoms of malaria.

Tro-Tro's in Ghana

Tro-tros in Ghana are shared taxis that ply a specific route and leave when full. Find out how to use this cheap and fairly efficient form of transport when traveling around Ghana.

How To Climb Kilimanjaro

How To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, tips for a successful ascent to Africa's highest mountain. Enjoy reaching Uhuru peak because you have chosen the right tour operator, packed the right gear, chosen the best route and acclimatized.

How to get a tourist visa if you are planning a trip to Africa

Information about how to get a tourist visa if you are planning a trip to Africa. Tourist visas are a requirement for many African countries including Tanzania, Ghana, and Kenya. Find out if you need a tourist visa if you are planning a safari or vacation in Africa. Find out how to apply for a tourist visa in advance and what documents you will need.

How To Use a Squat Toilet

How to use a Squat Toilet When Traveling in Africa. Squat toilets and "long-drops" can be found throughout Africa and if you're traveling there you are quite likely to have to use one at some point. Don't be caught off guard (with your pants around your ankles) and find out how to use a squat toilet before you go.

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