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Birds of Kenya

Images of Birds in Kenya


More than 1000 species of birds can be found in Kenya. They include eagles, vultures, hornbills, weavers, flamingos and ostriches. This Kenyan bird gallery highlights many of the birds you would get to see while on a standard safari in Kenya, in the Masai Mara or Samburu, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru National Parks.

For serious birders it's worth taking a specialized birding safari (see below). The best time to go birding in Kenya is from October to April. The roads can be muddy, but you'll be well rewarded. Birding safaris will take you to parks like Lake Baringo, Kakamega, Meru and Lake Naivasha. They will also allow you the time to study the birds, unlike other safaris where you can occasionally be rushed.

Birding Safaris in Kenya:

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Vulture Guineafowl, Samburu National Park, KenyaVulture GuineafowlFlock of lesser flamingos, KenyaLesser FlamingosLappet-faced Vulture, Masai Mara, KenyaLappet-faced VultureMasked Weaver, Masai Mara, KenyaMasked Weaver
Crowned Crane, Masai Mara, KenyaCrowned CraneLilac-breasted Roller image birds kenyaLilac-breasted RollerSaddle Billed StorkSaddle-billed StorkMasai Ostrich, Masai Mara, KenyaMasai Ostrich
Ground Hornbill, Samburu National Park, KenyaGround HornbillGreater Flamingo, Lake Bogoria, KenyaGreater Flamingo, Lake Bogoria, KenyaGrey-Headed Kingfisher kenya birdGrey-headed KingfisherRuppell's Vulture, Masai Mara, KenyaRuppell's Vulture
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