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Malawi in Pictures

Images of Malawi


Malawi is a small, landlocked country in East Central Africa. Malawi has been in the news recently since Madonna (the pop icon) has adopted a child from the country and pledged money to help build an orphanage for AIDS victims.

But Malawi is more than just a country riddled with poverty and disease. I lived in Malawi for 11 years and it's probably the friendliest country you'll ever visit. Malawi is also beautiful and a wonderful place to take a vacation. The huge Lake Malawi is a haven for tropical fish; the snorkeling is incredible as are the beaches. There are several excellent wildlife reserves where you can see plenty of elephant, hippo, leopard, rhino, buffalo, giraffe and much more. Malawi is also one of the best birding destinations in the world.

Browse through this photo gallery and see for yourself that the "Warm Heart of Africa" is much more than a country struggling with poverty and AIDS. Better yet, plan your next vacation there and help the local economy.

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Cape Maclear, Lake Malawi at sunset, Malawi, East Central AfricaCape Maclear, Lake MalawiMalawian Baby on his mother's backMalawian BabyPeanut Seller, Blantyre, Malawi, East Central AfricaPeanut Seller, BlantyreDugout Canoe on Lake Malawi, Malawi, East Central AfricaDugout Canoe on Lake Malawi
Bao, a traditional Malawian gameBao, a traditional Malawian gamePicking Tobacco, Malawi's main export cropPicking Tobacco, MalawiMalawian Village along the lakeshoreMalawian Village Mvuu Camp, Liwonde, Malawi, East Central AfricaMvuu Camp, Liwonde, Malawi
Fish Eagle fishing on Lake Malawi, Malawi, East Central AfricaFish Eagle, Lake MalawiGiraffe at Nyala Park, MalawiGiraffe at Lengwe Park, MalawiHippos in the Shire River at Liwonde, Malawi, East Central AfricaHippos in the Shire River, MalawiSunset over the Shire River, Malawi, East Central AfricaSunset over the Shire River
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