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More Countries in Africa

Additional travel information and guides to countries in Africa including Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Senegal, Ghana and more.
  1. Algeria (8)
  2. Angola (9)
  3. Botswana (29)
  4. Cameroon (12)
  5. Cape Verde (8)
  6. Djibouti (7)
  7. Ethiopia (30)
  8. Gabon (12)
  9. Lesotho (7)
  10. Libya (7)
  11. Madagascar (14)
  12. Malawi (19)
  13. Mali (14)
  14. Mauritius (14)
  15. Mozambique (8)
  16. Niger (9)
  17. Nigeria (12)
  18. Rwanda (14)
  19. Senegal (11)
  20. Seychelles (9)
  21. The Gambia (10)
  22. Togo (9)
  23. Tunisia (27)
  24. Uganda (16)
  25. Zambia (21)
  26. Zimbabwe (14)

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Advice on How To Get a Cheap Flight to Africa. Finding the best airlines deals to get a cheap flight to anywhere in Africa. Tips on when to book and where to look for budget flights to Africa.

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Democratic Republic of Congo - DRC - Facts and Information for Visitors. Facts and travel information about the DRC in Central Africa. DRC geographic facts, DRC travel facts, economic facts, best time to go, climate, getting to the DRC and more.

Guinea is still a diamond in the rough and you have to rough it to get to see most of it. If you make the effort it's very rewarding. There's plenty of natural beauty, it's culturally diverse, and the music is excellent. This site about Guinea is the most comprehensive I could find, it contains a lot of useful travel information but it's not very well written.

Mauritania is a fascinating blend of northern and sub-Saharan Africa. With four UNESCO World heritage sites, a reputation for being a safe country to visit and incredible desert landscapes, it's worth exploring. This site offers information about places to stay, what to see, what to pack and more.

Equatorial Guinea Facts and Information
Equatorial Guinea Facts and Information. Facts and travel information about Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa. Equatorial Guinea geographic facts, Equatorial Guinea travel facts, economic facts, best time to go, climate, getting to Equatorial Guinea and more.

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