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Tangier to Marrakech - Night Trains in Morocco

Tangier to Marrakech and Casablanca to Oujda - Timetables and Fares


Moroccan train

Moroccan train

Anouk Zijlma
Want to catch an over night train to or from Tangier in Morocco? Below you'll find timetables and fares for Morocco's night trains to Marrakech, Casablanca, Oujda and other Moroccan destinations.

Tangier is the entry point for many travelers catching a ferry from Spain or France to Morocco. While there are some interesting sights in Tangier, most visitors head further inland. The Moroccan railway service offers a limited overnight service. For information about daily train service in Morocco, see - Morocco Train Travel.

Where Do Morocco's Night Trains Go?

There are just two night train services (with bunks/couchettes) in Morocco. One travels between Marrakech and Tangier with stops in Settat, Oasis, Casablanca, Rabat, Sale, Kenitra, and Sidi Kacem.

The other travels between Casablanca and Oujda with stops in Rabat, Sale, Kenitra, Meknes, Fes, Taza, and Taourirt.

Timetable for the Night Train from Tangier - Marrakech

The night trains with bunks/couchettes depart every day leaving Marrakech at 9.00pm and arriving in Tangier at 7.25am. Trains depart Tangier at 9.05pm and arrive in Marrakech at 8.05am.

Other train services are available throughout the day, but they do not have bunks/couchettes.

Timetable for the Night Train from Casablanca - Oujda

The night train with bunks/couchettes depart every day leaving Casablanca at 9.15pm and arriving in Oujda at 7.00am. Trains depart Oujda at 9.00pm and arrive in Casablanca at 7.15am.

Other train services are available throughout the day, but they do not have bunks/couchettes.

Getting To and From Tangier/Marrakech to Fes

There are no night trains with sleeping bunks from Tangier to Fes or from Marrakech to Fes. There is just one direct train from Tangier to Fes that departs at 11am (arriving in Fes at 3.40pm). And one from Fes back to Tangier that departs Fes at 1.10pm (arriving in Tangier at 6.45pm). There are other trains that run, some late into the night, but you have to switch trains in Sidi Kacem.

Trains between Marrakech and Fes run every two hours throughout the day. There is one very late train between Fes and Marrakech but it does not have sleeping bunks/couchettes. For more information about trains between Tangier, Marrakech, Casablanca and Fes, click here.

More about getting to and from Fes...

Booking A Night Train in Morocco

Unfortunately, you cannot book any train in Morocco from outside the country. For visitors entering Morocco through Tangier, it means getting off the ferry and heading directly to the train station to purchase your ticket. Wherever you arrive in Morocco, you will have to get to a train station to book and pay for your train ticket. Luckily, trains are rarely completely full. The couchettes/bunks do sometimes sell out during the peak summer season. But the worst that can happen in this case is that you get a seat rather than a bunk bed. You'll still get to your destination, it'll just be less comfortable.

If you wish to book a couchette/bunk on a train from Marrakech to Tangier, do so a few days in advance if you can get to a train station. You definitely want to do this during peak summer season (July - August).

Seat/Bunk Options and Fares on the Night Train in Morocco

Seats. All Moroccan trains (including night trains) have a first and a second class seating option. First class has 6 seats in a compartment, second class has 8 seats. For first class, you can book a specific seat. In second class it's just first come, first serve. If the train is full, you just stand until a seat becomes available.

Sleeping Cars. Sleeping cars come with a bench, lavatory, sink and electrical outlet. You have a choice of a single compartment, with one bunk bed, or a double compartment holding two bunk beds.

  • Adult fare for a single compartment bunk is 600 Moroccan Dirham
  • Adult fare for a double compartment bunk is 450 Moroccan Dirham
  • Child fare (under 12) for a single compartment bunk is 490 Moroccan Dirham
  • Child fare (under 12) for a double compartment bunk is 340 Moroccan Dirham

1st Class Bunk Bed. The bunk bed option gives you a compartment with 2 sets of bunk beds with collective toilet and sink facilities at the end of the carriage. A first class sleeping bunk costs 350 Moroccan Dirham.

Wherever you get off, you pay a single flat rate for a sleeping bunk or compartment. Click here for Moroccan Dirham exchange rates.

Food and Drink on Board

A refreshment cart makes its way through the train serving drinks, sandwiches and snacks. If you're traveling during Ramadan however, bring your own supply of food.

Why Take the Night Train?

The main advantages of a night train is that you save money on a hotel, but of course you do end up paying more than a regular train ticket if you opt for a bunk. You get to arrive at your destination early in the morning, which leaves more time to sight-see and find your way around. Arriving early in the morning in Tangier leaves plenty of time to catch a ferry and make it to other destinations in Spain before night fall.
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