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Ferries from Spain to Morocco - Getting From Morocco to Spain

Ferries and Flights from Spain to Morocco


Tangiers from the harbor, Morocco - Getting To Morocco

Tangiers from the harbor, Morocco - Getting To Morocco

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Information about ferries and discounted flights to get from Spain to Morocco. Whether you plan to visit Tangier or Chefchaouen for a day, or travel around Morocco for a week, this page will help you plan your trip from Spain to Morocco and back.

Getting to Tangier from Spain (and Back)

Morocco lies just a short 9 miles from Spain. High speed ferries can take just 30 (choppy) minutes to cross.

Algeciras (Spain) to Tangier (Morocco)
Algeciras to Tangier is the most popular route to Morocco. High speed ferries travel almost every hour, year round and take around 30 minutes to cross. There are also slower ferries that are a little cheaper. A round trip ticket for a foot passenger, on a high speed ferry, costs 37 Euros. The ferries arrive at a new port called Tanger Med. The new port is 40km away from Tangier town center and the train station. A free bus service to Tanger is included in your ferry ticket. The bus arrives every hour on the hour and the journey takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. When you arrive in Tanger at the bus terminal, you can take a taxi to the train station,(around 30MAD).

Tarifa (Spain) to Tangier (Morocco)
High Speed ferries leave every two hours from Spain's windsurfing capital, Tarifa and take 35 minutes to get to Tangier. FRS offers good service on this route, a round trip adult ticket sets you back around 37 Euros.

Barcelona (Spain) to Tangier (Morocco)
This is not a popular route, but handy if you want to avoid traveling down to the south of Spain. Grand Navi is the company that operates these ferries. A round trip ticket for a single foot passenger in a seat (rather than a berth) costs around 180 Euros. Ferries take 24 hours to get to Morocco and 27 hours on the return trip. There's usually just one ferry scheduled per day. If you love ferries or wish to bring your vehicle to Morocco, this is a fine option. Alternatively, check into a cheap flight (see below).

If you are planning to take a train to visit Fes, or Marrakech, then arriving in Tangier is your best option for rail connections to these destinations. More about: Train travel in Morocco.

Tangier is a port city and it's a little hectic for some. Give it time and keep a sense of humor about you. If this is your first time in Africa, you may feel more comfortable taking a tour if you are only in Tangier for a day.

You can also catch a ferry to Tangier from Italy (Genoa), Gibraltar and France (Sete) -- see more about: Getting to Morocco.

Getting to Cueta (Spanish Morocco) from Spain (and Back

Cueta is a little Spanish enclave located at the tip of Morocco. Ceuta is a great place to arrive if you're taking your own car. It's quieter than Tangier, gas is cheap (it's a duty-free zone) and a mellower entrance into the hustle and bustle of Morocco.

Algeciras (Spain) to Ceuta (Spanish Morocco).
High-speed ferries will whiz you across the Straits of Gibraltar in just half an hour from Algeciras to Cueta. It's often a bumpy ride but a quick one. Ferries leave almost every hour. Fares are more expensive to Cueta (than to Tangier), from 65 - 90 Euros round trip for a single adult in economy class, traveling as a foot passenger.

Ferry companies that operate on this route include: Balearia and Acciona (Trasmed).

You'll have to cross the border from Cueta into Morocco proper. Make sure you have your passport ready. Taxis will take you to the bus station for transfers throughout Morocco.

If you're heading for Chefchaouen (and you should be, it's great) you can catch a direct bus if you're lucky, or switch in Tetouan. You can also catch a grande taxi straight there. More about Chefchaouen.

Ferries from Malaga (Spain) to Melilla (Spanish Morocco)

Malaga is a popular beach resort town on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Melilla is a Spanish enclave on tip of Morocco (like Cueta). Ferries depart daily and the journey takes between 4 and 8 hours depending on whether you spend a little extra on a high speed ferry. A single adult foot passenger traveling in economy class will pay around 108 Euros for a round trip on a high speed ferry. The slower ferry costs around 62 Euros (takes 7.5 hours). Acciona (Trasmed) runs several daily ferries on this route.

To cross into Morocco take a taxi to the border, cross by foot and then another taxi or bus to get into Morocco's interior.

Ferries from Almeria (Spain) to Nador (Morocco)

Almeria is the only ferry port in the Southeast of Spain. Nador in Morocco has bus connections to the rest of Morocco. There are just a few sailings a day. A single adult seat (not a berth) for a round trip costs around 97 Euros. The trip takes 5 hours during the day (from Almeria to Nador) and 8 hours return (overnight ferry from Nador to Almeria). Acciona (Trasmed) runs a daily ferry on this route as does Ferrimaroc.

There's also a ferry service from Sete in France to Nador, find out more about: Getting to Morocco.

Buying your ferry ticket

You can buy a ferry ticket when you arrive at either port, or book in advance (usually 6 weeks before departure) with a ferry booking engine like: Southern Ferries or aferry.com.

You can also book directly with the main ferry companies running the routes: FRS, Balearia, Acciona (Trasmed)

Many companies run similar ferries and some tickets are valid for a number of different companies. Check when you buy your ferry tickets, if you can use the return trip for another company as well. This can reduce your wait time.

Cheap Flights From Spain to Morocco

Several budget airlines offer competitive, no-frills fares from Spain to Morocco. Popular destinations are Fes and Marrakech.

  • Easyjet has good one way and round trip fares from Madrid to Marrakech
  • Ryanair offers competitive fares from Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Seville to Fes (Fez).
  • Atlas Blue has good one way and round trip airfares from Madrid and Barcelona to Marrakech, (they have now merged with Royal Air Moroc).
Royal Air Moroc and Iberia both offer routes to other cities between Morocco and Spain, but are usually more expensive. You may get lucky with a sale, it's worth checking.

Find out more about: Getting to Morocco.

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