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Fes (Fez) Travel Guide

Getting To and Around Fes


Petit Taxi, Fes, Morocco

Petit Taxi, Fes, Morocco

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This Fes (Fez) travel guide will help you -- Find out when to go to Fes and what to see (page 1), how to get to Fes and get around (this page), and where to stay in Fes (page 3).

Getting to (and away from) Fes

You can get to Fes by bus, train and plane so there's no excuse not to visit the most fascinating city in Morocco. If you haven't been to a developing country before, Fes is going to be quite intense. If you also plan to visit Marrakech, you may want to head there first because believe it or not, it's a little more laid back. Don't spend all your money on trinkets in Marrakech though, you'll find it's cheaper in Fes.

Train to and from Fes
Morocco has an excellent railway line, the trains are comfortable and they run on time. Fes has one train station and you can catch a train from Tangier (5 hours), Marrakech (7 hours), Casablanca (4.5 hours) and Rabat (3.5 hours). You can only book your train tickets in Morocco and it's advisable to book them a day in advance. Trains rarely fill up though and they leave regularly, so you shouldn't encounter any problems getting to where you want to go. More information about train travel in Morocco ...

Bus to and from Fes
CTM is Morocco's best bus company and they have buses traveling to Fes from most major destinations in Morocco. If you're not on the train line, then a bus is a fine option and always cheaper than the train. A recent 4 hour bus ride on CTM cost me 70 dirhams; a 6 hour ride cost 120 dirhams.

CTM has a computerized booking system so you can book all your bus tickets for anywhere in the country at any CTM office. CTM buses are a little more expensive than other bus companies but their buses are in good condition and the bus stations are clean and efficient. Supratours is the other major bus company in Morocco and is linked to the train -- which is handy if you're combining the two forms of transport.

Sample journey times by bus from Fes -- to Chefchaouen (4hrs), Casablanca (5hrs), Meknes (1 hour), Marrakech (9 hrs), Tangier (6 hrs), Ouarzazate (14 hrs), Ouezzane (3 hrs).

There are 2 bus stations in Fes and the right one depends on your destination. Your petit taxi driver should be able to know which one you need -- or make sure to ask when you book your tickets.

Plane to and from Fes
The Fes Airport is called Saiss Airport and is situated just 6 miles (10 km) from the new town center. Several European charter airlines fly in direct from Paris and London. Royal Air Moroc has a flight to Fes from Casablanca which departs twice a day.

An internal flight from Casablanca to Fes won't save you a whole lot of time since the train ride is just 4.5 hours. You'll probably spend the same amount of time getting to and from the airports into town.

Grande Taxi to Fes
If you wish to visit Meknes and/or Volubilis you can either take a bus or train (to Meknes) or opt for the more expensive Grande Taxi. Grande taxis don't have meters, so you need to negotiate the fare beforehand with your driver. These taxis are often shared, so don't be surprised if more passengers get picked up along the way. It should take just under an hour to get to Meknes from Fes.

Renting a Car in Fes The airport has several car rental services including Tiger Car Rental. If you're planning to stay in a Riad in the medina of Fes you will not be able to park your car outside the hotel -- because cars cannot go in to the medina. Ask your hotel owner where the best place to park is, usually a nearby gate that leads in and out of the old city. Compare car rental prices by clicking here.

Getting Around Fes

Taking a Petit-taxi is definitely the way to go around Fes, if you don't feel like walking. Petit-taxi's are little red Fiats that you simply flag down on the street. Every petit-taxi should have a meter and the drivers are generally very good about using them. If your driver refuses, or the meter is "broken", flag down a different taxi or negotiate a fare if you have an idea of what's reasonable. If you have some luggage it will be thrown on the roof rack; don't worry, it doesn't fall out. Note that no taxi or vehicle can enter Fes el-Bali (old Fes). There you have to rely on your own two feet, and if you have luggage you need to rent a guy with a cart to help you get it to your hotel. Ask your hotel owner to either meet you at the appropriate gate of the medina, or to give you some good directions which you can pass on to your guy with the cart.

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