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Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen -- a guide to Morocco's beautiful and relaxed mountain town.


Chefchaouen is situated in the heart of Morocco's Rif Mountains. Chefchaouen (sometimes called Chaouen) is relaxed, with very affordable accommodations, and above all, quite stunning to look at. The streets and most of the buildings in the old part of town (medina) are painted a most brilliant sky blue. The mountains which you can see at the end of every cobbled street are rugged and majestic. The clear mountain light just adds a magical touch to the place. It's no wonder that Chefchaouen is a favorite destination for backpackers visiting Morocco (and it's not just the readily available supply of hashish). The main square in the medina is lined with cafes and filled to the brim with locals and tourist mingling easily.

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Chefchaouen, Morocco, main square in townPlaza Uta el-Hammam, ChefchaouenRamparts in Chefchaouen, MoroccoOld City Walls in Chefchaouen, MoroccoMan in main square Chefchaouen, MoroccoChefchaouen man in traditional JellabaChefchaouen Morocco, streets are painted blueChefchaouen's Many Shades of Blue
Blue Streets of Chefchaouen, MoroccoChefchaouen -- a Typical Street in the MedinaHenna and dyes in Chefchaouen, MoroccoHenna and dyes in ChefchaouenPottery for sale in Chefchaouen, MoroccoPottery for sale in Chefchaouen, MoroccoShopping in Chefchaouen, MoroccoShopping in Chefchaouen, Morocco
Casa Hasan Hotel in Chefchaouen, MoroccoPlaces to stay in Chefchaouen (Morocco)Chefchaouen, getting there and away in MoroccoChefchaouen -- Getting There and AwayTagine pots in Chefchaouen, MoroccoEating out in Chefchaouen
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