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Places to stay in Chefchaouen (Morocco)

Accommodation in Chefchaouen


When I visited Chefchaouen, I stayed at Casa Hassan because of its good reputation, excellent location inside the medina, and famous restaurant.
Casa Hasan Hotel in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Courtyard of the Casa Hassan Hotel in Chefchaouen, Morocco

© Sjaak Zijlma
If you're looking for a hotel in Chefchaouen Casa Hassan is an excellent choice as a mid-range price option. The staff is extremely friendly and very genuine. The rooms are all uniquely decorated. The hotel is situated in the heart of the medina and is an easy walk from the gates where the taxi will drop you off from the bus station.

Across the street from the hotel is the Restaurant Tissemlal which has the same owner as the hotel. The price of the hotel is very good considering two meals at the excellent restaurant are included. Traditional Moroccan food is served in a wonderful atmosphere with an open kitchen.

If you're looking for budget accommodation, there are many options in the medina. The Lonely Planet Guide to Morocco recommends some of the following:

  • Pension La Castellana (039-986295)
  • Hotel Andaluz (039-986034)
  • Pension Mauritania (039-986184)

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