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Leaving the Mountain Gorillas, Mount Sabinyo, Rwanda


The hour with the gorillas is over too soon and we are on our way down the mountain, hacking a path through the nettles and trying not to slip ... more below
Leaving the Gorillas

Leaving the Gorillas

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The foliage is so thick, the nettles burn and sting your hands, legs and arms, it's difficult to keep on your feet but the only thing on your mind as you leave the gorillas is how incredible it was to spend an hour with them. At this point, you still have to concentrate on not losing your trackers in the greenery. It takes almost as long to get back to the parked vehicles as it does to walk up to the gorillas, because it's slippery. At this point I was wondering why on earth I had not booked a second day of gorilla tracking, because you really spend too much time taking photos and video, and not enough time just watching them.

I did thoroughly enjoy chatting to the rangers the whole way back, learned all about the upcoming elections, best mobile network in Rwanda, what life was like in a refugee camp in Burundi and lots more. Since we only had a few days in Rwanda, this was an invaluable chance to learn as much as possible about Rwanda today.

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