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Melancholy Close Up


Given the gorillas live in a well protected salad bowl, there's no excuse for this melancholy expression really ... more below
Melancholy Close up

Melancholy Close up

© Anouk Zijlma
The absolute thrill of getting among the mountain gorillas is the chance to see them, smell them, and read them from just feet away. This shot was taken by an ordinary digital camera, nothing fancy. Before you start your gorilla safari, the group you visit is introduced by way of family photo. Each individual is identified by the unique shape of their nose and the patterns of wrinkles around them. At the time I thought there's just no way I would get close enough to discern that kind of detail, but you really can get that close sometimes. And the rules are strict, you have to keep 7 meters back at all times, but gorillas don't always follow rules... It's such a privilege to be able to do this safari on foot and just meet these animals face to face. Almost every other safari you take in East Africa is spent in a vehicle for the most part.
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