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South Africa's Top Attractions


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Soweto, South Africa
Soweto, South Africa

Soweto, South Africa

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Soweto may not be the most beautiful place you visit in South Africa, but it certainly ranks among one of the most important and interesting sights in the country. Soweto is a sprawling township situated just outside of Johannesburg and over 3.5 million people call it home. Much of the struggle against Apartheid played out in the slums of Soweto, and the township was in a virtual state of war during the 1970's and 80's. Nowadays, Soweto is a mixture of rich suburbs and poor shanty dwellings where crime is rife. But Soweto is also home to some of the most vibrant music and theatre South Africa has to offer.

When you visit Soweto it's certainly worth taking a tour. Not just because it may be the safest way to see the township, but because the history of Soweto is what makes it so interesting. Soweto also covers a huge swath of land, over 90 square miles, so it's easy to get lost.

Soweto Tours

  • Bus Tour of Soweto, 6-7 hours. Includes a visit to a hostel, traditonal shabeen and a church.

  • Vhupo Tours offer several different tours of Soweto including an overnight stay at a B&B.

  • Rhubuluza Soweto Township Tours include educational tours as well as a pub-crawl to really get to the heart the Soweto experience.

  • Africa Explore offers several tours of different lengths, some of which can be combined with other Johannesburg tours.

Accommodation in Soweto

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