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Top 10 Things To Do in South Africa

Fun and Unique Things To Do in South Africa


Watch a Soccer (Football) Match

Bafana Bafana Soccer Fans, South Africa
South Africa Tourism

South Africa successfully hosted the 2010 World Cup and soccer is bigger than ever, it's by far the most popular sport in South Africa (and the rest of Africa for that matter). So getting to watch a local football match, is really an exciting cultural experience for any visitor. Andulela is a tour operator based out of Cape Town and they offer a unique half-day Cape Town Soccer Tour that includes going to a match, a traditional lunch and a rendezvous with local soccer experts. Don't forget to bring your Vuvuzela!


Tour Robben Island

Nelson Mandela's cell on Robben Island, Cape Town South Africa
Anouk Zijlma
A Robben Island tour is a must when you're visiting Cape Town. It's a fascinating half-day trip to the former penal colony where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his life. Many leading members of South African political parties like the PAC and ANC were incarcerated alongside him.

One of your guides on the tour will be an ex-political prisoner. This gives you the opportunity to hear a first-hand account of prison life on Robben Island, which makes it a truly unique experience.

More about the Tour to Robben Island

Ride an Elephant on Safari

Addo Elephant National Park
SA Tourism

The African elephant doesn't have the same stoic temperament as its Asian relative, therefore the chance of riding an African elephant, or even touching one, is rare. Several lodges in South Africa are now able to offer you this unique experience.

  • Camp Jabulani is a luxury camp situated in Mpumalanga province (near Kruger National Park). Jabulani has a dozen elephants that will take you for a sun-downer in the bush or a night safari.


  • Addo Elephant Safaris operate in the Greater Addo National Park and offer 3 hour packages where you feed, ride and walk with elephants.


  • The Elephant Sanctuary has 3 branches operating in South Africa and at each branch you can ride elephants, walk with them (trunk in hand) feed them and groom them.


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