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Family Safaris and Vacations in Africa


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Family Volunteer Vacations in Africa
Girl in Pink, Northern Ghana, West Africa

Girl in Pink, Ghana

Lauren Mong
Volunteering in Africa as a family is a wonderful way to spend a vacation. Voluntourism is becoming increasingly popular with adventurous families looking for a meaningful vacation which gives back to communities and/or helps the environment. The recommendations below are geared specifically to families, although children should be at least 8 or older to participate.

Make sure you prepare your children for conditions in rural Africa especially if this is their first visit.

Recommended family volunteer vacations in Africa
Family Wildlife Volunteering holiday in Kenya. This volunteer vacation includes several days at an elephant sanctuary, a safari in Tsavo National park and some relaxing beach time in Mombasa.

Mozambique Volunteer Travel uniquely combines an adventure holiday with voluntary work on several conservation and community projects. You'll be staying on the shores of Lake Malawi at the Nkwichi Safari Lodge.

Kenya Family Volunteering and Safari is a ten day itinerary which is educational and exciting and will enable your family to immerse in the culture of Kenya, with opportunities to view wildlife.

Turtle Volunteering in the Seychelles allows your family to enjoy a beautiful island in the Seychelles archipelago which is a major nesting site for turtles. You will help track and record data on the turtles.

More short-term volunteer opportunities in Africa...

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