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Tanzania Safari Planner

Tanzania Safari Tour Operators


Giraffe on a walking safari, Tanzania

Giraffe on a walking safari, Tanzania

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Recommended Safari Operators in Tanzania

Below are tour operators that I believe encourage responsible tourism in Tanzania. This means that they will ensure you have a great experience without harming the environment,the wildlife, and people that live there.

While it is often cheaper to book a safari locally once you get to a country, the touts in Arusha are pushy and not always honest. Check with the local tourist information center first to make sure your "cheap safari" is not on the blacklist.

If you have questions about planning your safari, you can see all my safari articles here, and you can also always e-mail me.

Tanzanian Safari Tour Operators

If you're interested in seeing the profits of your safari returned to the local community, then booking with a local tour operator ensures this to some extent. However, just because a company is local, doesn't mean its regard for its employees, the environment and local communities is necessarily better than foreign owned safari companies. The safari operators listed below are to the best of my knowledge, eco-friendly and community friendly outfits.


  • Chimpanzee Safaris are specialists in organizing safaris to Gombe, Mahale, Katavi and Tarangire National Parks.


  • Serengeti Pride Safaris offer custom Kilimanjaro Climbs and safaris throughout Tanzania as well as cultural tours.


  • JMT African Heart Expeditions offers both budget and luxury safaris throughout Tanzania.


  • My Serengeti Safari a small company that specializes in custom budget safaris throughout Tanzania.


  • Karibu Safaris offer excellent birding and horse riding safaris.

    Kibo Guides offer safaris throughout Tanzania and are pleased to accept families with young children. Locally owned and operated, Kibo safaris are dedicated to helping local communities and have recently built a school.


  • Maasai Wanderings are a family-owned and operated safari company offering safaris in Northern Tanzania. Maasai Wanderings opened their own school to support the local Maasai community which you can visit on your safari.


  • Nomad Tanzania offer luxury safaris in the true wilderness of Tanzania. They operate a grand lodge called Sand Rivers Selous, the fantasy camp of Greystoke Mahale, camp Chada Katavi, and a collection of mobile camps traveling around northern Tanzania.


  • Ranger Safaris, one of Tanzania's largest safari operators, offer good deals for single travelers and couples.


  • Roy Safaris is a highly regarded safari operator offering safaris mainly in Northern Tanzania, as well as cultural tours, Kilimanjaro Treks and more. They can organize custom safaris in other parts of the country as well and are competitively priced.


  • Tent With a View Safaris: Offers mobile tented safaris in Saadani and Selous.


International Tour Operators Selling Safaris to Tanzania

The safari companies listed below practice the highest levels of "responsible tourism" to the best of my knowledge. In most cases, a portion of their profits go towards building and supporting local schools, medical clinics and conservation projects.


  • Abercrombie and Kent offers classic luxury safaris in Northern Tanzania. Nothing off the beaten track and well-organized; a good choice if it's your first safari and you enjoy your comforts.


  • andBeyond offers luxury safaris with exclusive tented camps in both northern and southern Tanzania. andBeyond has an excellent reputation as a leader in conservation.

    Good Earth Tours are based in Tanzania and the US. They offer safaris in Northern and Southern Tanzania as well as Mount Kilimanjaro treks.


  • Hoopoe Safaris offer several safaris in both Southern and Northern Tanzania. Hoopoe Safaris take their community projects very seriously and have been the recipients of several eco-tourism awards.


  • Natural High Safaris offer Tanzanian safaris for all budgets and cover all types of safaris from mobile-tented to walking safaris.


  • Responsible Travel is a British based tour operator that selects tours based on their eco-friendly reputation. You can be sure that all safaris listed are not detrimental to the environment or local communities.


  • Tanzania Odyssey A British based tour operator who specializes in Tanzania and covers all destinations in the country. This operator offers tailor-made vacations and is especially popular with honeymooners.


  • Thomson Safaris has been exclusively operating in Tanzania for 25 years. They run several humanitarian projects, and only use local staff and guides. Thomson offers a wide range of Tanzanian itineraries and is very well respected.


  • Journey to Africa offers customized safaris to Tanzania to suit all budgets. They are based in the US and will help you plan every part of your safari.


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