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Serengeti Balloon Safari, Tanzania

Hot Air Ballooning in the Serengeti


A hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti plains in Tanzania is a truly magnificent experience. Serengeti Balloon Safaris is the only balloon safari operator in the Serengeti and they have three balloons which they launch from various locations in the park, often depending on where the migration is likely to be. A Serengeti balloon ride has to be booked months in advance, US based safari company African Portfolio organized my flight.

The photos below were taken on a balloon ride I took in June (2010) in western Serengeti. The migration had not arrived yet, but as I soon discovered, the real thrill was from the flight itself. It's not that easy spotting wildlife from above, but the bird song that greets you as you skim over the acacia tree tops is absolutely breathtaking.

The photo gallery below has all the details about hot air balloon flights in the Serengeti, what to expect, how to book, what the take-off and landing procedures are, and much more.

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The Balloon Getting FilledThe Launch SiteIn Position for Lift OffIn Position for Lift OffLift Off!Lift Off!Grumeti River from Up in AirFloating Over the Grumeti River
Wildebeest from AboveWildebeest from AboveLandscape Art By Serengeti's Migrating AnimalsSerengeti Landscape ArtBurners Keep the Balloon UpThe BurnersComing in to LandComing in to Land
Champagne Toast upon LandingChampagne Toast upon LandingFreshen Up After LandingFreshening Up After LandingFull English BreakfastBreakfast Served Under an Acacia
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