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Birds of the Serengeti

Crested Cranes


The Crested crane, one of the most spectacular birds in the Serengeti, which is saying something considering there are more than 500 species to choose from.
Crested Crane, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Crested Crane

© Anouk Zijlma
When you enter through the main Naabi Hill Gate to the Serengeti National Park, there's a little picnic area. The birds that come scrounging for your lunch are not your ordinary pigeons, or little brown things. Instead, you're almost blinded by the iridescent color of the Superb starling that tries to nab your cold chicken. There are dozens of them. It's a nice introduction to the park and its hundreds of species of birds. Vultures galore around every carcass, battling it out with jackals. There are Cranes, Eagles, Storks, Parrots, Sunbirds, Hornbills, Weavers, Secretary birds -- you name it. Every tree you see has birds on it. The birds are one of the best things about a safari in the Serengeti, and they get the least amount of press. Which is fine, it's like getting an unexpected bonus.

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